Trillian 1.1 Now Available Free

I have been an avid user of Trillian on the desktop for years now. The multi-protocol instant messenger is robust with features, customizable, and just plain slick.  Trillian will manage your Google Talk account, AIM, Yahoo IM, IRC, ICQ, Bonjour, Skype, Jabber, and more.  When it was first released for Android in beta form I downloaded it and I liked it, but I just didn’t use it on my phone enough to justify paying for it when it went live with a price tag. If any of you find yourself in that same boat, you’ll be as glad as I am to know that Trillian 1.1 for Android is now available in the Android market for free. You can grab this app via the QR code in our app database or directly from the Android market.

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  • Jake

    Not gonna lie it really kind of pisses me off to see an app I paid $4.99 for being given away for free now. It was well worth the money to me but to be a paid premium app for so long a lot of people that paid are irritated I’m sure….