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Write And Draw Notes On Your Home Screen With Whiteboard Pro For Android

Ever just want to save a note or comment on the home screen instantly without going into any application?  Check out Whiteboard Pro for Android.  The application allows you to write and draw nearly anything you want on any home screen available.  There are tons of customizations for you making writing and drawing notes a cinch.  In addition to drawing and writing, one can also speak notes in instances such as driving in a vehicle.  Need to share that note quick with someone?  Whiteboard Pro has got you covered.  The widget offers a number of different sizes (14) to accommodate any space on your home screen.  Check out the rest of the developers features after the break along with some screen shots and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.  The app will run you 99 cents in the Android Market, but for a buck, you get a ton of unbeatable functionality.   Download links available after the break.  

From The Developer:

14 Widget Sizes
-> 1×1 1×2 1×4 2×1 2×2
-> 2×3 2×4 3×1 3×2 4×1
-> 4×2 4×3 4×4 5×5

  • Any Board Color/Photo
  • Any Border Color
  • Any Text Color
  • Semi-Transparency
  • Scroll Notes
  • Left/Center Align Text
  • Speech to Text Input
  • Change Border Radius + Thickness
  • Change Text Font + Weight
  • Note Alarms
  • Audio Notes
  • ‘Archive’ Notes
  • Multiple Marker Notes

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