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Samsung Galaxy S, gain full control of your device with nitrality


We’ve got another great application coming from another genius developer over at XDA. This app is called ‘nitrality’. XDA member nitr8 has developed an application that allows you to control many of the features and functions of your Samsung Galaxy S from one app.

Hit the break for the list of features from the nitrality XDA thread and some screenshots.

Full-featured tool to control your SGS.

  • Change Display Resolution
  • Change Popup Animation Speed
  • Change Transition Animation Speed
  • Enable / Disable Fancy Input Animations
  • Enable / Disable Media Scanner
  • Clean Media Thumbnails
  • Install ALL apps in a Custom made ZIP File
  • Install a Theme from a Custom ZIP File
  • Backup / Restore Insane Zeam config (If on insanity rom)
  • Backup / Restore efs Folder
  • Change CSC Code
  • Easy Access to Secret Codes
  • Install / Uninstall Various Samsung / System apps
  • It also includes a flash light, just hit the nitrality logo.

If you try out this app on your SGS, let us know, in the comments what you think of it. Also, don’t forget to give the dev some props and any feedback you might have over at the thread. You can also find the app in the Android Market.

image image image

[via xda]