Reject Calls With Root Call Blocker for Android Courtesy of XDA

Here’s an easy way to block unwanted callers bugging you on your much deserved day off. Rather than just tapping the end button all of the time what if you could block that pesky call before your device even starts ringing? Interested? Well, if you have a rooted device, XDA member ftgg99 has arranged for the app to register the call at a system level when rejecting it, thus your device doesn’t even pick it up. Other features include selecting network replies for blocking calls, blocking phone numbers with no network ID and managing an accept or reject list with notifications when a specific call is rejected. Now that’s nice. I’ll take two please. Ready to begin the journey to stopping unwanted phone calls? Hit the developers thread for the apk and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.

[via xda]