Days Left Widget For Android Helps You Remember Dates That Matter Most

Here’s a nifty little widget for ya.  Days Left Widget is a simple count down application that can be used for tons of things, such as that special anniversary, holidays, vacations and even Google’s up and coming I/O conference which, at the time of this article just so happens to be in 3 days, eight hours and six seconds…5…4…3…2  But who’s counting?  Keep yourself out of the doghouse by never ever forgetting an important date again with this handy dandy application.  The app, of course, is very customizable, allowing you to choose from several different colors and also supports multiple overlays.  You can even choose from different widget sizes so you can see important information, reminding you what the count down is for.  Hit the break for more screen shots and then head on over to our apps database for the download where you can also find a QR code for you mobile folks.  Feel free to let us know what you think of the app in the comments below.  

  • DrMacinyasha

    Please, please, PLEASE give actual clickable Web Market links!

    • Joe Sirianni


      If you click the database link there is a QR code for you to download the app which takes you to the market. Where you not able to get to it?

  • imran

    wow!! great app