HTC EVO 4G having random rebooting issues

Man, if it’s not screen separation issues or screen sensitivity issues (but HTC is fixing those), now it’s rebooting issues.

We’ve been receiving reports from more than a few people that their EVO is rebooting at random times. I’m going to go ahead and just quote one of the emails I received:

“No one is really 100% sure the cause of this, but I have noticed that this is only happening to me when I have “No Service” on my phone. The reason I have no service is due to setting my phone to connect to “Sprint Only” networks. If you keep it on automatic the phone will connect to anything available and you for the most part will always have service, but you could end up getting roaming data charges, which is pretty expensive.

When this reboot happens, it sometimes causes the Evo to run super slow, and if you are using a live wallpaper, it will sometimes cause it to freeze. You then have to go back in and re-apply the wallpaper.”

We’ve reached out to HTC for comment on this, we’ll let you know what they have to say. In the mean time, how many of you HTC EVO users are experiencing rebooting issues? Let us know in the comments.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in

  • lani

    The htc hero is having the same problem since the update, the problem getting worse the reboot sometimes cause to make my phone get real hot , and stop working

  • Fyahstarter

    I switched out my first evo got slight screen separation, but I haven’t had any such problems with the first nor second unit.

  • Nelson

    My EVO was rebooting randomly, battery was only lasting 4-5 hours hours instead of 8 when I first purchased it and if I installed an app and didn’t like it and uninstall it, it didn’t seem like I was getting my ROM space back. I did a Factory Data Reset and no more reboots and battery is lasting 10 hours + now. But I do still need to keep an eye on the space left after uninstalling apps.

  • Limited04

    i have also experienced the same type of issues with my phone. for the most part it’s a great phone but lately it has been freezing a lot.why arent they making the 2.2 upgrade available sooner. the only good thing is that unlike the hd2 this phone has the ability to automatically refresh itself.the hd 2 would stay on a frozen screen up to 20 minutes at a time even after you would hard reset it and pull the battery. another major concern is the battery life .i’ve been told that the android 2.2 upgrade would extend battery life significantly, on the EVO now i’m getting up to 5 hours max on the battery. completely unacceptable. is there a way to download the android 2.2 platform now can someone please respond?

  • Mung

    My Desire was also randomly rebooting, and this happened after I updated the software to 1.21.405.2.

  • nathaniel

    Just started getting the random reboot and freezing issues today. REALLY SUCKS! I am confident HTC and Sprint will fix quickly though. Did everyone else’s similar issue begin today? 06/21/2010 Chicago

  • JAY

    My EVO just started doing the random reboot thing last week. It also started getting hot at times and when it does the battery drains very quickly. Seems to happen if I am in and out of service, maybe searching for a signal?

  • Tory

    I notice I had this issue a week after i got the phone from Best Buy, it would reboot while I was on a phone call and sometimes charing the phone. today it rebooted on me twice, the Batt life is also terrible, very short. I know I had this problem with the palm pre the first time i got it, the difference is,i took my palm pre back the same week i got it. I’m keeping my EVO,my best phone ever. I’m thinking about doing what Nelson said,he rebooted back to factory settings, but i don’t want to lose my Phone numbers and new apps.

  • Brianne

    I’ve had the rebooting issues since i got my phone. Trying different setting on the phone doesn’t solve anything. I’m going to go over to sprint today and see if i can get them to swap out my phone, this is ridiculous!

  • Nelson

    Not sure why some of you aren’t doing a factory reset on the phone first. Been almost a week and I have no reboot or battery issues anymore. There are apps that backup your apps, contacts, and text messages to SD card so you can restore them afterwards. Process takes less than an hour. And as long as you use the same gmail address when you first sign into the phone, your contacts will restore automatically.

  • chad delnista

    My phone wtarted randomly Rebooting yesterday. Did it about 9 or 10 times yesterday. Now about 4 times already today. It’s really annoying and ever since my phone has been horribly laggy. Battery life is horrible too and that need a solution.

  • Rob

    I too am experiencing this issue. Just started today, rebooted 2 times and ran slow afterward, also battery life is extremely poor. I was told to turn all different settings and things off when not in use, still not anybetter, besides, whats the point of having a phone with all these features if you have to manually turn them on and off anyway? Battery should be made stronger for a $300 phone.

  • Jason

    Random rebooting on my htc evo 6/25/10

  • Trey Allen

    Me too. Started on the 21st.. I have been assumming it was because of software I was installed.. I use SystemMOnitor and Locale a lot and have been experiementing with those and other systems type of applications to see if they were causing the problem. What backup software allows you to easily restore your apps?

  • Dave

    My EVO seems to reboot when it has trouble finding service specifically in my office building. It seems to run hot as well.
    Would like to know the apps to allow you to save contacts/apps to the SD card to allow for a factory reset as well.
    I also noticed that while listening to music with headphones and the phone in my pocket, it will start to play but as soon as I move it will lock up and return to main menu or it will fast forward/rewind the song that is playing and then shut down.

  • Nelson

    MyBackup is a highly rated one on the Market. There’s a 30 trial version and a paid version. I’ve never used the app, I just re-installed all my apps from scratch afterwards.

  • DD

    Yep, My EVO reboots randomly. Sometimes I’m not even doing anything on it. Yesterday it rebooted whenever I pressed google maps, so i switched to sprint navigation. then it rebooted on that so I went to google voice nav through the Navigation app and it worked without rebooting. Very strange and frustrating. I love the phone but since there is no better phone on sprint and i cant have this keep happening, yesterday was the first time I ever thought about switch to ATT for the iphone. That’s how frustrating it is.

  • Nav

    I just got my evo on 06/23/10 and it has already rebooted once. As a past Iphone user i am in love with Android and wish that the evo was worthy of the android software. i have read a lot of complaints from evo users, so am not too optimistic about keeping the device. i have at list 27 days to change my mind. though i don’t want to give up the evo, i will if i have to. i am not loyal to any company. am only loyal to my pockets so if they don’t fix this issues soon, then am going to have to give the evo up.

  • Jon

    I get it too. It didnt happen until today like 3 times. This is getting frustrating.

  • Jason Aarons

    My Sprint EVO is rebooting as well..about once every couple days…once during a phone call..once during 4G with Sprint TV/ESPN Mobile TV….not rooted…just a couple Market Place Apps like BlackJack, Google Maps, etc.

  • Jason

    My wives phone has been doing this for a bit. Looking forward to android 2.2 next week, but will try the factory reset after I figure out the backup program. We’ll see what happens.

  • Ronnie Santos

    Mine began rebooting itself this week around 6/21/10 too! Kinda weird that they’re all doing this now. I took mine to Sprint today here in NJ and they haven’t heard of any issues. I said, “They’re coming. Plenty of people on the android forums are experiencing this.” Mine began rebooting itself when I put it in my pocket or cycling jersey back pocket- overheated? problem w/ signal? I had changed mine to Sprint only network.On top of all of this I was only getting around 7 hours of battery too; despite having shut down everything.They gave me a new phone. Will check back to let you know how this second phone does.

  • Thea

    My phone reboots at random, constantly. I can not even us my phone sometimes becuase of the problem. It freezes up and then I can’t get it to unfreeze. I have not been able to answer calls or make out going calls. This is the only phone I have (no home phone) and it is very frustrating. I have tried everything, thinking it was something I have added to the phone, it is not. Going to call sprint and try to get it resolved tomorrow. I am a Realtor and I need my phone. Good luck everyone, Thea

  • Jo

    Hi I have notice as well about the random reboot on the HTC EVO. I have notice it when I turned on the the background data at the general sync settings. If I turned that off and just leave the auto-sync on its fine it won’t do the random reboot.

  • Ally

    HTC Evo also reboots minimum once a day… has since first purchased…worst was when I wad on a call

  • Lee

    My EVO started rebooting randomly a little over a week ago. Called Sprint customer service…they walked me through a factory reset. That worked great for a couple of days, but now the phone is freezing up and rebooting again. This time its even worse than before. Also, the frame rate IS an issue. Try playing Teeter…the ball jerks along as it moves (my Touch Pro is smoother), not to mention the lag while navigating through the screens is almost aggravating. The battery life seems to be worse when the rebooting and freezing issues are present. I do not want to return this phone because without the issues no other phone would touch it, but if HTC/Sprint doesn’t start acknowledging and addressing these problems very soon I will take it back.

  • K

    mine does too. it’s annoying.

  • Jason Aarons

    I found that when I had changed Exchange to manual sync once every thirty minutes (which wasn’t working) I had more reboots. Once I put it back at Automatic ActiveSync the EVO reboot issues seems to have gone away (too early to be sure). Now I’m back at battery life is shorter with ActiveSync Automatic vs Manual every 30 minutes.

  • Douglas

    I had this rebooting issue as well. In an effort to conserve precious battery power I had unchecked “enable always on mobile data” in the mobile networks settings. It was about this time that the random reboots started. Once I re-enabled that function I haven’t had a random restart since. I also uninstalled advanced task killer (apparently it’s not THAT necessary since android handles most apps pretty well). Some other forums had suggested that may have a contributor to the problem as well. Did the HTC update (make sure not to do it twice!) and it seems to be running like new. Hope this helps!

  • Grady

    I have been having frequent reboots for the past few days. I got the phone on launch day, and this stuff didn’t start until recently. I have hard reset the phone and left mobile data on, so far no problems.

    This is my first Android phone, coming from two previous WinMo devices. So the EVO could probably explode in my hand and I would still like it better than my old Touch Pros 1 and 2.

  • Lee

    Update…I installed the HTC software update that was released today. I don’t know exactly what the update was supposed to fix, but so far my EVO is running excellent. I also re-enabled the always on mobile data. Battery life is better and the phone is not freezing. Right now I’m feeling pretty good about it. Hopefully it will continue to perform like the superphone it was meant to be. Fingers crossed.

  • Steve

    I had the rebooting issue as well (6 times within an hour). I was also having extremly short battery life ( fully charged before going to bed and when I woke up the battery was flashing red I went to the sprint store to have the factory defaults restored. Since then I have had 10+hrs of bettery life and no reboots. I was notified of an update, but I am scared to install it as the last time I did the rebooting and battery issue began. Any insights to the new release?

  • Richard

    After doing the short lived OTA update from yesterday I too have random reboot. First time I had this.

  • Ben S.

    Mine has been restarting randomly as well, sometimes as frequently as ever 10 minuets. I’m applying the system update now. I’ll post back with the results.

  • Jason Aarons

    Mine rebooted 5 minutes into Airplane mode today, I had posted earlier I thought it was a ActiveSync Manual vs Automatic setting, but that doesn’t appear to be the fix, unless their are multiple reasons why the phone is rebooting. I did apply the SD storage card fix when I bought the phone on 4 June, and I don’t recall any other OTA upgdates since then, but it does seem the problem only really started 3-4 weeks after buying the phone.

  • Ben S.

    So far no problems after update, no rebooting, and better battery life. Hopefully this will last…

  • Papermonkey

    Mine has been randomly restarting for about a week now. It does seem to happen when I’m in poor service areas (aka work and sometimes my house). That is about the only constant I can find. I’ve uninstalled my task kiler and a few other of the phone preference apps and it’s still doing it. Not rooted, or done anything fancy with it.

  • Grady


    After reset to factory defaults yesterday I have had no further reboots. I left mobile data on this time, as many were saying that could be part of the problem. This phone is FTW, but they gotta get the bugs out.

    I have not gotten the new OTA update yet.

  • Ronnie Santos

    Update: New phone works perfectly. Don’t wanna jinx it but, no reboots. I’ve limited my syncing to only google,FB every 8 hrs, weather every 6hrs, always on mobile data, ANG changed my radio from GSM to CDMA. I found that my device was set to GSM NOT CDMA as it should be. I went from 6-8hrs of battery to well over 18hrs before it went low- no joke. When I went in to the Sprint store, they knew nothing about it.I fixed it myself.


    Let me know if this helps guys.

  • Lee

    It has been two days since software update and my EVO is running like a top. Fingers still crossed.

  • Scott

    My booting/restart issues began yesterday – happened at least 5 times in a day; also phone would freeze and become unresponsive. Did the update last night – so far okay. Sprint advanced tech has no knowledge of the issue/neither does the store… do you think it’s a hardware defect? – if so I want to return while still possible for a new one.

  • ronnie santos

    Scott, the store I went to here in NJ did know anything either. Try that link I left and see if that helps you. Prior to me exchanging my phone I did the switch as mentioned in the article and that helped. What I also had changed was the mobile network. I had changed it to Sprint only. I went back and changed it to auto. I just have to make sure I’m not ever roaming- charges would kill me. Make sure you you have mobile data always enabled.

  • brian

    Got my EVO when they first came out, loved it. Ever since the OTA update my phone also has be rebboting randomly. Tech support could not help. Took it to a store that “had new software” to update phone. Turned it on went to a reboot and now is dead. It wont turn on or anything. Makes a nice paper weight. Returning the phone today for refund. I will wait til they get the bugs worked out and try again

  • Mollie

    My Evo is having some rebooting issues. Both times I was running gps and navigation and took a call. It was fine at first, but part way through the call my phone did a reboot. I heard it might have something to do with the battery getting too hot, but I’m not sure if there is any truth to that. I hope they come up with a fix soon! It’s definitely frustrating.

  • Kevin

    I am also having issues with rebooting…it all started today after i read a website from Sprint saying to turn roaming off to help save battery life ever since then my phone will reboot. It has happened 3 times today thus far and is very annoying. I switched from the iphone to the Evo and am getting ready to bring this back and go back to AT&T and use my Iphone again if all these issues do not get resolved.

  • mike

    Everytime I open Google maps it will shutdown on me

  • aviator

    Same issues here.especially when Google maps open the phone goes into rebooting mode. I called Sprint and they sent me a replacement phone. Same issue with the new phone!

  • atrac

    Add me to the list! Just made a call and within 20 seconds I am staring at the HTC screen. This is the second time it has happened to me and I thought the first was something I had accidentally done.

    Hopefully HTC is making a note of this and issues a fix. I have about five days left to return this.

  • kmeyer

    I have evo 4g and had this rebooting problem started about two weeks ago.
    Maybe it has to do with a certain app. Does everybody have a task killer?

  • Jason

    I’m having it. It reboots about 5 times or more a day. I have always had the always on mobile and I’ve never installed a task killer. I’ve updated everything as well.

    Time for an exchange.

  • Mike

    My HTC EVO has been rebooting a number of times a day (8 yesterday, twice so far today) since I got it. Did a factory reset last night, didn’t install any new apps, just set up Exchange, and it still rebooted twice this morning. My Exchange password is not all numeric.
    Taking it back tomorrow if this continues.

  • Ben S.

    Why do people keep posting this problem? The solution has been mentioned several times. Apply the software update and it will fix the problems. Details:

    Go to the home page
    Hit the menu button
    Select “Settings”
    Scroll down to “System updates” and click on it
    Click “HTC software update”
    Apply the update

    Your phone will restart several times. DO NOT touch it until it’s done. Also, make sure you have a full battery, or keep it plugged in for this process.

    You should check for updates once a month, at least, or let your phone check on its own automatically.

  • Jason Aarons

    I second that the July 2 2010 update resolved my random reboots!

  • Bryan

    It was only after the last update that my phone started doing this. Whenever I open google maps, and several other programs it reboots.

  • Jason Aarons

    I have the 2 July SVP OTA update and Google maps 4.3.0 with no reboots. Before the 2 July I was rebooting with increasing frequency. Now no reboots. I think the 2 July update fixed me.

  • Jay

    “Why do people keep posting this problem?”

    If you had any reading comprehension at all, you would have read that people ….have…..done the updates, yet still have the problem, like me. The updates have not fixed my reboot problems. So, in short, they keep posting this problem, because they’re still having it.

    Logic, would dictate anyway.

  • roy

    “Why do people keep posting this problem?”

    I agree with Jay. My rebooting problem started after doing the update. anytime I tried to open the “Google map” the phone goes into rebooting mode.

    I removed the “Advanced Task killer” from the phone, Now it seems everything working normal. lets wait and see.

  • Chris

    My EVO started to reboot after the update. Now I put up with a reboot almost every time I use the phone. I gave up my Blackberry for this?

  • Jay

    My phone is still rebooting. Has done it several times with the update, and just did it during a phone call. This is crazy.

  • Jason Aarons

    I’m happy to report after the 2 July OTA update I haven’t had any issues/reboots.

  • Trehouse

    My Evo reboots mostly every day a few times for no reason, mostly when Im on the phone. The place where I got it refuses to replace it. Sprint tech store says no prob found since they can’t recreate the problem. I’m returning it via the 30 trial asap and going back to my old phone when I can get to the store where it was purchased.

  • angelo

    After the last OTA update my device couldn’t get 4G network, then a few days ago HTC recommend to reset phone, after hard reset phone was ok but today I was on a call and phone reboot….hoop I don’t have to reset again.

  • ben

    I went into the sprint store and they said it was because an atk was installed on there. Some reason task killers don’t do well with the evo. Bad news is you have to do a hard reset. Works perfect after. Hope this helps.

  • Nelson

    It’s not because of ATK, I have never installed any type of ATK on my EVO and had the rebooting problem. My phone started to work fine after a hard reset also, but a couple weeks ago I took a small trip out of state and wanted to use Navigation. It started rebooting again. For the next week after my phone would go into reboot loops and only way to stop it was to pop out the battery and let it cool off for about 15 minutes. Finally got fed up with it and had them exchange it for a new one. New EVO hasn’t had any problem yet.

  • Frank

    I am having the same problems when I use navigation app. It starts then forces a reboot. Really sucks. I plan on going to Sprint tomorrow and resolve the issue. Im not sure about anyone else, but my music randomly goes “missing” on my eve. Reboot and it comes back.

  • Jamar D.

    Yup.. I should have known not to get this phone when the salesman tried to sell me a “superbattery” for this EVO 4G. Just like everyone else, my phone is rebooting randomly.

    NEW ISSUE!!!!I also see that the phone will go into the password protect mode when it shouldn’t. I would stop navigating for a few seconds, and then it randomly asks for my password. The screen shouldn’t time out that quickly. At first I thought I was crazy but it happened 3 times. I only had the phone 1 week.

  • Jeremy

    I’ve had the rebooting problem for a while. Very annoying during work calls. Anyway I just disabled the “Roaming Gaurd” and “Data Gaurd.” With my plan I don’t care if I get either. I’m wondering if a weak signal and the “Roaming Gaurd” could be causing the problem.

  • Brad

    Mine only reboots on certain apps but I miss my GPS. Happens every time on a navigate app.

  • Tim

    My Evo just started rebooting last week.
    Was not a major problem until an hour ago. Now my Evo is stuck in a reboot loop. The phone keeps soft rebooting without ever getting to the home screen. Anyone have any new insight on a solution?

  • Damon

    My Evo randomly was rebooting every once in a while starting about a month ago, now today it is stuck in a roboot loop and I can’t get it to stop. Please help!

  • R. Grace Rodriguez

    Having the same sort of Reboot issue. I had it first on Google Navigate, then on TIKL and on internet browsing. HELP!

  • Nelson

    All my issues seemed to have gone away with the new 2.2 update. Update your phone and test out the apps or situations that were giving you a problem.

  • Donny

    I have experienced the reboot issue on occasion, and I attributed this to a task,memory overload, not quite sure. however, can someone tell me if this stopped after the froyo update. My device is damaged from carrying it in my (front) pocket I guess, and I am waiting on asurion to ship me another one. only problem is that Evo’s are all on back order. I still do not understand how my screen was damaged, I I’ve carried my iPhone for two yrs in my front pocket and that has never happened. Buyers Beware! the touch screen component in my opinion, is ultra friable.

  • Amanda

    My phone just started rebooting randomly in the last week or so, there’s no rhyme or reason so it. It is completely random and completely annoying. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do to fix it since I have no idea what causes it.

  • http://Insane Michael

    I have had my phone for a while now, about 2 months. It randomly reboots as well.seems to happen when gps is on. My always mobile its unchecked…this sucks.

  • greg

    Evo reboots randomly for me. Been happening more often, now about twice a week. It always happens when I’m on a call, very annoying.

  • Dave

    I posted back on June 25th about the reboot problem but since the system upgrade early in July, I have not had my phone reboot once. Just did another system upgrade this morning so hopefully everything continues as it was.

  • raylynn

    My EVO started random re-booting about the time the 2.2 update showed up (my best recollection) … its averaging less than one a day, but a few times it has re-booted “back-to-back” … very annoying.

  • Richard

    My phone has been rebooting for the last 2 hours today!!! Drives me nuts hearing the Sprint tones………………. boot after boot. Its been rebooting before the upgrade but not as often as since the upgrade. I went to a Sprint store over the weekend and they have never heard about the phone rebooting!!!

  • sinned96

    Yea funny how sprint knows nothing about it but its all over the web that people are having the same problem. Just ordered my 3rd EVO and i bet it does the same darn thing

  • CDM

    Other than the rebooting – the phone is quite awesome – but how long does Sprint/HTC expect us to put up with this? My rebooting ONLY started after Froyo. Went back to the store, and they did the hard reset and sent me on my way – phone rebooted within an hour. Back again the next day, tech actually INSTALLED a task-killer and updated the PRL I believe, and informed me the problem was fixed. Well , of course it wasn’t, and the next day my Evo started to go into the rebooting loops that others have described. Sprint then ordered me a new Evo, and I was hoping for the best. It arrived yesterday – and now I have had 4 reboots in the 24 hours since getting the new unit. SPRINT – WAKE UP AND LISTEN TO US, BURYING YOUR HEAD IN THE SAND WILL NOT WORK IN THIS CASE!!! THE EVO IS YOUR FREAKING FLAGSHIP PHONE – FIX THIS NOW!!!!

  • sinned96

    I an PISSED OFF this is my 3rd EVO with the same problem. Had this one 6 days and it still does it. Now Sprint has sent me to HTC. HTC wants me to send the phone to them I pay shipping and if they dont find a problem I still have to pay the 39 dollars triage fee GRRRRRRR Every one this thread needs to call Sprint and HTC and make this a known issue So they can fix the problem not keep sending me new phones

  • Nelson

    For those of you still having rebooting problems, try this. I did it 3 weeks ago and it’s works flawless now.

    I had same issues and the memory card solution did not work for me. I found that only clearing out the GPS unit using hash code ##GPSCLRX# and then inputing your msl code which you get from Sprint. Here are the steps if anyone is intersted, best part is no hard or factory resets needed. Also no app troubleshooting. The only part that sucks is you have to call and speak to Sprint and they don’t like giving out the unlock code. I told them exactly what I was going to do and they gave it to me. I did the whole Sprint repair as well as new phone senerio and I still had the issue return. Factory and Hard resets did nothing either. It always came back within 24 hours.

    1) Call Sprint and retrieve msl code.
    2) Open dialer and press ##GPSCLRX#
    3) When prompted input the code from step 1
    4) Phone will reboot in 20 seconds


  • chipmunkfix

    Factory reset will fix the white screen…. backup you contacts onto SD card then factory reset and import them back on if it isn’t automatic.

  • sinned96

    Factory Reset or the ##GPSCLRX# thing will not fix the rebooting issues. I am on my 3rd EVO I got this one on the 17th of the month and on the 23rd it did it twice. I did a factory reset on the 23rd and while on the phone 10 minutes later with HTC it did it again. I have contacted HTC again today after it did it again. The finally realize its a problem, They told me they are working on a fix but to escalate it to the top engineers they need more complaints about the problem. The tech guy told me everyone with the problem needs to call HTC at 866 449 8358 and open a ticket. The more that complain the faster it gets fixed. They told me I should hear back from them in 10 days and get an update if they have a fix or not. So call HTC people lets get our EVO’s fixed

  • destrozador77

    Having the same issue as described in the quote section of the top article. The phone resets ( and gets stuck on the EVO 4G white screen) when tower signal gets low and the “Use Sprint Only” setting is enabled in wireless network settings. All the resets happen when talking on the phone with Google GPS running in the background. Kinda weird. Looks like a firmware glitch.

  • sinned96

    Exactly its a firmware deal Call HTC and open a ticket the more people that complain the faster it gets fixed
    everyone with the problem needs to call HTC at 866 449 8358 and open a ticket. So call HTC people lets get our EVO’s fixed

  • Alpha Sooner

    The GPS Reboot seems to have worked for me. Thanks Guys!

  • CDM

    I called HTC as well – Sinned96 is correct – YOU NEED TO CALL HTC AND COMPLAIN ABOUT YOUR EVO REBOOTING!!!!

    The more people that call, the faster this will be resolved!
    HTC – 866-449-8358

  • jimbo

    2nd having my evo and had 3 random reboots. im not to pissed about it because it takes a life time for my prior iphone to boot and only takes like 30 seconds or more for my evo to boot

  • CDM

    Rebooting fast sure is great! and the Evo does dust the iPhony in that regard. But Jimbo – iPhonys don’t RANDOMLY REBOOT. Even on a bad day, the Evo eats all other phones for lunch – I switched to Sprint and have two Evos on my plan – having this rebooting issue is simply unacceptable. I think we have to agree to disagree on this one – happy that you are not pissed about this – I wish I could say the same – BUT I AM STILL PISSED!!!!!!!!

  • sinned96

    I been working with the HTC escalation dept. They called me two days ago. They told me have everyone with the problem download the app called sharemyapps. It lists all the apps you have on your phone and then go to the HTC website and hit the contact us link Copy and paste the list in the email with Attn escalation dept. They think it may be a app out there thats causing the issue. Its a start I guess. I’m surprised they called me back. So CALL HTC and lets get this figured out.

  • jimbo

    Yea but CDM its most likely gonna be fixed in a software update because that’s what caused it in the first place so just give it time

  • Nelson

    It’s not an app that’s causing the rebooting. It’s related to the GPS. On my first EVO, I could do a complete factory reset and it would go into a reboot loop shortly after. No new apps installed at all.

    That ##GPSCLRX# fix has worked great for myself and bunch of others in various forums on the net that have had the same problem. For those of you still having the problem, have you even tried applying that fix?

  • sinned96

    They are saying it maybe a factory app thats causing it. The GPSCLRX does not fix it but they are looking at all possibilities. I am on the 3rd EVO with the same problem The engineer I’m working with has an evo that he is trying to replicate the problem. They are having a hard time finding the issue without an evo that has the problem

  • MrCrowle

    The problem seems to be an issue of the snapdragon processor
    In fact also in Europe with the Desire and other phone that mounting the same processor there is the same “random rebooting bug” is a scandal!!!
    Bye from Italy

  • AdRiAn


  • sinned96

    I talked with HTC on Sunday , They are sending me a new phone and I will send mine to them. Because they have not been able to reproduce the issue with the phones they have Everyone with this problem needs to call HTC at 866 449 8358 They more people that call the more info they get the faster it gets fixed

  • Mike Beers

    Not sure why it started other than I have been messing around downloading different apps related to pdf to txt and Svox apps. First it just reset on its own a couple of times a day, I then uninstalled all the recent apps. It has now only reset once a day when I am backing out of an App, mostly Facebook. It only happend once yesterday while I was browsing and not at all today, (yet). Kind of weird.

  • danbur777

    My EVO started rebooting back in August and I was able to fix it using the GPS fix listed above. That worked for a few weeks and now it is back to rebooting randomly. It is worse now because it will reboot constantly until I remove the battery. Then it runs fine for awhile. Checked for updates and everything is up to date.

  • sinned96

    They called me the other day saying we wont be sending you a phone we have as many as we need. We dont need yours. So if you want a new phone contact Sprint. So i went to the store and ordered a replacement Then when I get home there was a Fedex package from HTC with a new phone and a 4 gig flash drive thrown in. Now what do I do Got a new one coming from Sprint on monday
    They are finally working on a fix

  • Rick Rocha

    My evo reboots at least once a day at random times. I have weak signal in my house and believe it’s happening around the times the phone gets no service indoors.

  • CDM

    I have averaged at least one reboot per day for the last month. Oddly, sometimes it takes a day off, then will make up for it by rebooting twice another day. Seems to happen often when I simply wake the phone up, but I have also seen it happen when service is weak. Hearing that Droid owners and some others now have post-froyo rebooting issues…..any thoughts from the gallery on that one?

  • Ara

    I have been having this issue for months! So annoying.

  • CDM

    UPDATE: 22Sep from Engadget

    “Last time we checked in on this problem, HTC had said that the EVO 4G’s 30fps cap on video output simply couldn’t be increased — but it seems the latest firmware update might prove otherwise. We’ve got a couple screen shots showing details of the latest upgrades for both the EVO and the Hero; in the latter case, you’ve just got a couple bug fixes, but the EVO’s list includes a total of four: the nasty calendar issue, the 30fps fix, a reboot problem involving GPS, and multiple Gmail sync that was busted in the Froyo update. Interestingly, Sprint’s official changelog only mentions the calendar and Gmail sync fixes, so it’s possible they’re trying to keep the other two low-key to prevent undue questions and curiosity from folks as they upgrade. What’s everyone seeing out there?”

    So far – no update available – but HOORAY!!!!!!! Our crops are saved!!! Er – i mean we can resume PROUDLY bragging about the EVO being the hottest thing out there – oh and yes, 4G is being turned on here in CT to boot – I got 10 MB down, and 1 MB up with one bar of 4G…..more on that another time

  • jordan

    A few days ago i was at a house ive never been to , i had no service, it randomly started rebooting but it had never done that before. I figured it was because of no service but since then it reboots every 30 mins or so even with full service where i am. Now it freezes all the time and apps force close.

    One problem ive had since the beginning is that if i shut the phone off, i cant turn it back on unless i take the battery out for a few seconds then put it back in and turn the phone on

  • sinned96

    There is an update that is supposed to have fixed it Have you updated it yet

  • jjmxcontrol

    I have had my HTC EVO reboot on me atleast 4 times in the past two months. It seems to me that when the GPS is activated is when it occures. Although I have not for sure isolated the problem directly to the GPS.

    • Azblondeboy20

      I use my gps and phone simultaneously alot and the only time the phone reboots for me is when I am using the navigation gps and the phone.. I do this all the time and I have it as a definate issue. I can do either one by itself with no issues, but together, it reboots..
      It is very frustrating…..

  • rg97

    This currently my second evo, the first one had a faulty headphone jack. I have had no problems with this one at all until today, after the update. I just had my phone reboot for no reason. The phone isnt over-heated, running multiple apps, or wasnt in a no-service area. I was doing normal stuff just txting and when it happend my phone was locked, as i write this theyre is an evo commercial on my tv. This is upsetting and HTC needs to fix this now that i know im not alone. Thanks.

  • CDM

    Sadly, I report that even after the update, which did improve some things – THE REBOOTING CONTINUES!!!!!!

    I’ll have to AGAIN waste more of my time calling HTC and Sprint. Both companies are DAMN LUCKY the Evo is such an awesome product that people will put up with this to some point – but there is a limit to what we can take.

    Has ANYONE heard, seen, or figured out what the heck to do to stop this madness and make these reboots go away?

  • RPSanrafael

    I am also having the same issue, whenever I try to open any application then it goes to rebooting my phone. This is really serious problem.

  • sinned96

    The latest I got from HTC is they believe that the last update fixed it. Which is bull It didnt fix either of the phones I have. Now they want you to send your phone to their repair center and they will fix it and send it back. SO CALL HTC people and lets get them on the ball

  • raylynn

    I have not been getting any random re-boots since the last update mid-to-late September…

  • Bill

    My EVO 4G has been rebooting on me a lot lately. Especially stinks when I am relying on it to get somewhere and in the middle of navigation; REBOOT!

    You are not doing a very good job of earning a lifelong customer here, Sprint & HTC!

  • hmp

    I experienced this problem when using the Motospeak app with my new finite headset. It rebooted after I received an incoming message. HTC really needs to get a fix for this phone asap, especially since this is Sprint’s flagship product.

  • kevin

    i have three evos one still in the box havent checked the two that are activated never have any problems! my wife has one i have the other they are both rooted and overclocked mine shuts off when i have it at 1267

  • sinned96

    What a @#$@#@ing joke. I sent my phone off to HTC on Thursday the 14th. They received it on Saturday the 16th. I get it back today supposedly fixed. So I go and get it activated and with in an hour the new fixed phone does the same reboot crap GRRRR. So I called them an they want me to send the phone back again. HTC needs to get it together My phone isn’t not fixed.

  • jimbo

    So I posted on here about my phone rebooting and it did a lot but once I got my back up battery it has stoped doing it and its been almost 2 months since i had a reboot. So I’m wondering if its because i turn of my phone and pull out the battery once a day. Try turning off your phone and taking out your battery and putting it back in once a day and see what that does. And post to let me know if that worked..

  • sinned96

    I’ll try that But you shouldnt have to do stuff like that to make a phone work I’ll let you know though

  • jimbo

    That is true sinned96 you shouldn’t have to. I’m just wondering. its weird that it stoped once I got my back up batteries. if it works maybe it could help HTC fix the problem

  • Joel

    after reading all these problems this phone has….i dont really want one much anymore…or should i still at least try it out? because seriously, you shouldn’t really need to go through all that crap just to get a phone to work the way its supposed to…

  • Dave

    Joel, I posted about this in June. Since the last system upgrade I have had no issues with rebooting. The phone has worked just fine. Even when it had the rebooting issue it was so minor that I could overlook it because the phone itself is amazing. I have 4 buddys who all went out and got one and have had no issues with theirs and love the phone.
    Get the phone!

  • theShiz

    My family has 4 of these & mine was the only one to restart. I thought it was my task killer so I removed it. Didn’t help. Tried a few other methods I read online. Still kept resetting. I then did a factory reset. That didn’t help either. Finally swapping out the phone. Now that I’ve done that, one of the other EVO’s is randomly restarting. The crazy thing is that HTC website has no acknowledgment of this issue. We all need to contact and complain.

  • Marc

    I just got an HTC EVO and noticed it rebooting randomly when losing carrier. Any fix for this yet?

  • David R

    My evo is doing the same rebooting on its own for no apparent reason. its fully charged and the only link i can find is low signal and maybe live wallpaper issue.

  • sinned96

    I got one EVO at HTC getting fixed for the second time Hope they fix it Cause I got one more to send them with the same problem

  • sinned96

    Well got the EVO back from HTC they said they couldnt find a problem made one test call and wiped it clean and sent it back again. I activated it and bam 2 hours later it rebooted on a phone call. I am more than pissed off. The HTC repair center is near Houston I think I’ll be paying them a visit soon with two broke evo’s

    • Karich07

      I too, live near Houston, and my EVO reboots on its own as well.
      No help from Sprint or their repair center.

  • Mark Sandlin

    Been having the problem for a few days now. So far no solution has worked for me.

  • Karich07

    Recent SPRINT chat session:
    8:38:17 AM : Connected to

    8:38:17 AM : Session ID: 1401805

    8:38:17 AM : RICH: Initial Question/Comment:

    8:38:23 AM : Rebecca has joined this session!

    8:38:23 AM : Connected with Rebecca. Your Reference Number for this chat session is 1401805.

    8:38:23 AM : Thank you for contacting Sprint. My name is Rebecca.

    8:38:33 AM : RICH: hello

    8:38:58 AM : Rebecca: I am happy to help you. Please hold a moment while I access your account.

    8:39:03 AM : Rebecca: While I access your account information, can you please provide more details about why you’re chatting with us today?

    8:39:16 AM : RICH: click the link

    8:40:42 AM : RICH: What is sprint doing about this issue?

    8:40:57 AM : Rebecca: Due to privacy concerns, I am not able to access the link.

    8:41:02 AM : RICH: I am not the only one, obviously

    8:41:16 AM : RICH: My EVO reboots itself, randomly

    8:41:55 AM : Rebecca: I apologize for this.

    8:42:00 AM : RICH: Also my exchange sync account fails. Only the inbox is affected

    8:42:11 AM : Rebecca: Since how long, you are facing this issue?

    8:42:25 AM : RICH: I have to remove the account, and re-install

    8:42:35 AM : RICH: Since two updates ago.

    8:43:47 AM : Rebecca: Thank you for providing the additional details. I can understand your problem.

    8:43:55 AM : RICH: I have done a hard reset, no affect

    8:44:27 AM : RICH: Thanx for being nice, and understanding, now let’s see what we can do to fix this problem

    8:45:43 AM : Rebecca: I will refresh the phone from my end.

    8:47:45 AM : Rebecca: Can I have your account PIN?

    8:47:58 AM : RICH: ########

    8:48:08 AM : Rebecca: Thank you for providing the additional details. Please give me a moment while I research that for you.

    8:48:43 AM : Rebecca: The concerned phone number is ########

    8:48:54 AM : RICH: Also, my wife’s Blackberry Curve, loses its ICONS. She must remove the battery every time this happens.

    8:48:58 AM : RICH: Yes

    8:49:24 AM : RICH: The sprint repair facility did an update, and it did not fix.

    8:50:01 AM : RICH: I read Cell phone forums, and am not happy with what I read.

    8:51:15 AM : RICH: Hard reset, reboot, battery removal, refresh on your end, nothing works. This is getting old, very quickly.

    8:51:48 AM : Rebecca: I can understand it.

    8:51:53 AM : Rebecca: I have researched it for you.

    8:52:13 AM : Rebecca: There is a know issue with most of the EVO phones.

    8:52:38 AM : Rebecca: Please accept my sincere apologizes in this regard.

    8:52:40 AM : RICH: Yes, I know. What is Sprint or HTC doing about it?

    8:52:58 AM : Rebecca: We are working hard to remove this issue as soon as possible.

    8:53:36 AM : RICH: And I am working hard to give you $204.17 a month

    8:54:03 AM : Rebecca: I can understand it.

    8:54:13 AM : Rebecca: Please try to avoid installing the impacted market application until a fix is available.

    8:54:31 AM : RICH: and what app might that be?

    8:54:58 AM : Rebecca: Please do not install any application.

    8:55:11 AM : RICH: you’re kidding, right?

    8:55:11 AM : Rebecca: I suggest you to avoid the web use to avoid this issue.

    8:55:43 AM : RICH: defeats the whole purpose of the phone to start with, don’t you think?

    8:55:48 AM : Rebecca: I am sorry for this.

    8:56:12 AM : RICH: Not as sorry as I am, you can believe that.

    8:56:23 AM : Rebecca: I understand it but please try to use it less till the time this issue does not resolve.

    8:56:59 AM : RICH: Not an acceptable response.

    8:57:03 AM : Rebecca: I will really appreciate your understanding in this regard. I can understand your problems if I were in your place.

    8:58:10 AM : RICH: Let me talk to a senior tech analyst please.

    8:58:48 AM : Rebecca: The most impacted market applications to avoid the installing are (ex: tango, a third party application from the market).

    8:58:57 AM : RICH: don’t use it.

    9:00:23 AM : Rebecca: It is a known issue with EVO phones. I am sorry for this inconvenience.

    9:01:05 AM : RICH: Being able to access the internet, and apps, is the whole purpose behind this phone. If you take that away, you lose all incentive for even buying it. Don’t you think?

    9:01:51 AM : Rebecca: Yes, you are correct Kenneth.

    9:02:11 AM : Rebecca: For this inconvenience, I can offer $10.00 credit for you.

    9:03:00 AM : RICH: I left AT&T after 7 years to jump on the EVO bandwagon. Are you telling me I made the greatest mistake of my life?

    9:03:56 AM : Rebecca: We really value your business.

    9:04:11 AM : RICH: To tell you the truth, If you waived next month’s fee, it wouldn’t make me happy.

  • Yudha

    Don’t worry, you’re not the only one in the world who experienced HTC’s bad customer service.
    I bought a Desire on 10 October and right after I did the initial charging it behaved strangely (keeps rebooting when it gets warm after several minutes of minor use).
    I searched the Internet and found in various forums that there’s a known problem of Desire keeps rebooting and that it requires a mainboard replacement.
    At first I was thinking of swapping the phone with the new one but I’m afraid I’ll get another faulty phone (I read that some Desires with serial numbers HT04 to HT06 have this problem).
    So I brought it to HTC Care Authorized for service. However, until today it is still under process and everytime I call them (2-3 times a week), they kept saying that they’re still waiting for the sparepart to arrive.
    This is my first purchase of HTC product and it’s really frustrating because it is in the service center for ONE MONTH already and I haven’t been able to use the phone at all since I bought it.

  • los609

    As of Nov 9th my EVO started rebooted. I have had it for about 2 months and havent even received my rebate. Not root’d and i only have about 10 very main stream popular apps. I even did the refresh and wiped it clean as HTC suggested and the immediate reboot after the clear went on for about 4 reboots. finally came back and started rebooting again. Sprint support was useless, only pointed me to the fact that i have insurance and can get a new one, at the price of my deductible ofcourse. I walked into a Sprint store and asked if they have had complaints of reboots and they looked at me like i walked in with an Iphone for repair. I am starting to regret switching from ATT.

  • los609

    Your session ID for this incident is 1415755.
    Time Details
    11/11/2010 03:16:40PM Session Started with Agent (Pervis K.)
    11/11/2010 03:16:40PM System: “Thank you for contacting Sprint. My name is Pervis K..”
    11/11/2010 03:16:46PM Agent (Pervis K.): “Hello.”
    11/11/2010 03:17:00PM SANCHEZ: “hi”
    11/11/2010 03:17:13PM Agent (Pervis K.): “I apologize for the inconvenience. Please give me a moment while I research your issue.”
    11/11/2010 03:19:28PM Agent (Pervis K.): “Thank you for your patience, I will have that information shortly.”
    11/11/2010 03:21:11PM Agent (Pervis K.): “Thank you for your time.”
    11/11/2010 03:21:17PM Agent (Pervis K.): “As it is a physically issue with your phone and I have checked your phone is under one year manufacturer warranty and TEP (total equipment protection program ) insurance added on it. We are not able to check your phone remotely by here. I request you to p”
    lease visit the Sprint Store and get the phone repaired. If it is not repairable, Then you can get a replacement phone as TEP (total equipment protection program ) insurance is added to your phone. For this you will have to contact Asurion on (800) 584-36
    11/11/2010 03:22:18PM SANCHEZ: “Is it a documented and known issue with the phone?”
    11/11/2010 03:23:12PM Agent (Pervis K.): “It might be some device specific issue.”
    11/11/2010 03:24:06PM SANCHEZ: “YOu guys have nothing in your db? i have seen alot of forums with alot of people having the problem”
    11/11/2010 03:24:35PM SANCHEZ: “”
    11/11/2010 03:25:45PM Agent (Pervis K.): “I understand your frustration and apologize for the inconvenience.”
    11/11/2010 03:26:59PM Agent (Pervis K.): “But ,I have checked all the details about your EVO,there is nothing wrong with it yet. For further information you can also visit nearest Sprint store.”
    11/11/2010 03:27:33PM Session Ended

  • los609

    SPRINT’s Solution: I dropped my phone off today at a Sprint store and after a few hours, they told me they could not fix it and they would give me a new one. They had no further information to give me on what the problem is.

  • Libbi

    I have had my EVO since the 2nd week it came out.. Love the phone, no issues, until about three weeks ago when it started doing this random rebooting.

    I have been reading forums like this one with great interest. It seems a lot of people have had this issue from the beginning.

    GPS has been listed as the culprit. Not in my case, as we went on a trip early on this past summer and used the GPS extensively with no problems and I still do. I did today and no issues with the phone.

    I have downloaded NO new apps lately and in fact just did a hard reset on the phone this evening and the phone is still rebooting. The closest thing the matches anything anyone has posted in forums is that the battery seems hot, altho not overly hot.

    There is something defective with the phone but I’m not sure what is causing it. It’s not an app so so don’t let Sprint or HTC tell you that it is.

  • los609

    I agree, i think its overheating. thats what commonly happens to things like pcs that overheat. Sprint swapped my with no questions. The most frustrating part is that Sprint claims they have never heard of the problem. I know things malfunction and dont mind getting it replaced, but the fact that the treated my like i was crazy and that they had no idea of the problem almost made me cancel sprint and break down and get an iphone. There are tons of people online complaining about this problem and i am sure they are all calling sprint, where they are logging problem reports. For some reason, this one is seems to be denied.

  • LibbiPeach

    Yes, I took my phone in this past Sunday. They replaced the phone and also told me “it’s not a known problem”.

    The Sprint Store I took mine to said they have been selling the phone like crazy but the only issue they are aware of is a compatibility problem with the Tango app (which i had never even heard of, much less used).

    They couldn’t argue with me tho about it being an app tho since there were NONE on my phone at the point i took it in.

    They alluded to it “maybe” being the screen protector I had put on it at purchase 5 months ago perhaps causing it cuz it is one of those that requires the use of a solution to apply and that perhaps the damage was cause by dampness seepage. They said that a few of the “dampness sensors” had been triggered, but yet they still replaced my phone. My husband says that is crazy (he is a computer repair tech).

    I’m happy tho as they did replace my phone, however, it just makes you wonder why they continue to pretend this is a new problem.

  • Daniel

    My phone is rendered useless at this moment. I took the phone to Sprint, they admitted it was a known problem. They kept it for 1.5 hours, changed the battery and did factory reset. I was back at the store 30 minutes later with the same issue, only it was worst. Sprint wanted $35 to change out a defective phone, claiming if I had insurance it would be free. Since the equipment was defective and the damage wasn’t caused by neglect or abuse, I wanted the fee waived. The Sprint rep said there wasn’t anyway that would happened. So next is the four hour phone call, where from technician to supervisor, to a different department to supervisor, then another department and supervisor, the fee wasn’t to be waived and one supervisor commented there shouldn’t be a fee but wasn’t authorized to waive it. Sprint told me to call HTC to get it fixed per warrenty, guess what, HTC will not even look at it without your credit card number. I terminated my account with Sprint, filed a complaint with the BBB and I am disputing the $180 disconnection fee.

    Needless to say, after being a 10 year customer of Sprint, I definitely wouldn’t recommend their service to anyone.

    The HTC EVO, it would be a masterpiece if it worked. Apple definitely had come out on top of this nightmare.

  • sinned96

    I got one of my phones back yesterday They changed the main board and both speakers since they were blown I will get it turned on today Hopefully they got it fixed

  • sinned96

    got the new phone activated on wednesday and today it does the same thing GRRR HTC needs to get this right I will be going to the repair center this week and not leaving until the get the problem fixed

  • Steph

    This is by far the worst experience I ever had with a phone. Countless calls to Sprint, trips to the store and I have maint coverage on it. The rebooting started about 3 weeks ago. I don’t have GPS turned on or anything special installed. I did all the updates to no avail. They insist that since they cannot reproduce this RANDOM problem at their store using their bogus testing program, that the problem must not exist. The rebooting continues. They won’t even replace the phone because they cannot establish the random rebooting issue when it is in their possession so clearly I must be lying because over 10 hours of my life trying to get it resolved is a joke. I am going to get an iPhone. Screw you Sprint!

  • bluecrank

    When i first got the evo i must say I was impressed and in love ,it was immaculate…but now since the 2.2 update me like the rest of you we received a LEMON of a phone which is bullshit…i cant get on facebook let alone the net or use any of my apps because it reboots, it even reboots when I send text wtf, now I only use my evo for calls and im stuck with a 2 year contract and am paying extra for no reason because I dont get to use any of it…one time it restarted and once it got to the main menu it restarted again and kept doin that till it killed my battery, my phone was so hott! that at the time i thought it just died because of the heat, didnt know it cause my battery to run out…when it reboots I so want to just chuck at the F***ing wall, so now when it does reboot i have to open it up and take the battery out…so dumb hate HTC now

  • jimbo

    Well hopefully all of our problems will be solved now that 2.3 is out so hurry up htc and get 2.3 ready for sense.

  • sinned96

    Im working with the HTC techs again. They thought they had the problem solved with the last update But they didnt as She told me I was the second person that she has heard from that still has the problem

  • Kim

    Facebook freezes on me when I am looking at it. Usually when I look at pictures, it freezes. Also, many times the pictures will not download unless I logout and then log back in. This is very frustrating. Can you help?

  • Jay

    This phone has turned into a nightmare! I can’t use my GPS, youtube, games for more than 5 min. I can’t even use my email for more than 5 min. I’ve tried every fix that I have found on the internet and NONE of them work. HTC really needs to get a handle on this.

  • bluecrank

    the update android 2.2 is the problem, once i installed it it jacked everything up and i didnt notice any new features…EVERYONE DOWNLOAD THE UNINSTALLER APP AND WHEN YOU OPEN IT, ALL OF YOUR APPS WILL BE LISTED INCLUDING “ANDROID 2.2” UNINSTALL THE UPDATE AND YOU WILL BE BACK TO THE MORE EFFICIENT ANDROID 2.1 WITH NO PROBLEMS…let me know if this helps, it worked for me…no more rebooting, back in love with my phone

  • Jason Aarons

    I had some reboot issues when I first got the phone in June at it’s release, I’ve pretty much had zero problems the last 3 months, no reboots. I did replace my phone in late November after I broke the screen. About Phone> Hardware> Hardware version 0003, Software Version > Android Version 2.2 Software Number 3.29.651.5

    I see all these posts about problems, but I can say I’m not having any that would require returning/giving it up and I use the phone extensively with Google Navigation, etc.

  • sinned96

    I been working with the HTC techs and they called me today that they put out a new update for this problem So every please update your phone and lets see if they got it right

  • mike

    mine has been doing this for months now. i think a few weeks after the 2.2 update it started doing this. if it restarts, it loops for about an hour. the immediate things that ive seen that have consistantly caused it to restart are the following:
    browsing the internet
    turning on blue tooth
    incomming phone calls during navigation
    attempting a prl update
    starting of random apps
    music player

    other than that, ill leave it sitting on the table or something and it will randomly start looping. ive been waiting on the 2.3 update before i attempt to make a fuss. now that i have it, and it hasnt helped at all, ill be calling htc here shortely. i as well have 2 evos on my plan. my wife has not had a single problem with hers as of yet. neither have i up until now, except for my external speaker. that was somehow blown after a month or two, but since i only hear crap when my phone rings, ive let it go.

  • Deric Wright

    My EVO gets in a reboot loop at least once a day. During this loop it also gets noticably hotter.

  • AkShiz

    Sent mine to HTC & they replaced the entire insides of my phone apparently. Had a different IMSI & serial #, & the phone# wasn’t even programmed into the phone. But it works now so problemed solved!

  • Nick@Nite

    Mine reboots almost everytime I am watching video clips on the web in as little as 2 min of video to as long as 20 min into the video. It has also rebooted once when I was talking to someone on the phone and multiple times when using Sprint’s Navigation feature which is terrible when in traffic.

  • sinned96

    It is definitely an overheating problem. On a 23 hour ride from Cali to Texas My phone rebooted 7 times. I checked battery temp and it was around 108 by the time it started up again. I will be letting the HTC engineers know about this on Monday

  • ToddT from Richardson TX

    Wife and I got our phone in June 10, but mine started having intermittent reboot 3 months ago. The problem is occuring more now when I use the phone for about 5 minutes. Seems to me its overheating and once it reboots, it keeps on rebooting until I remove the battery and let the phone sit for a while. I took the phone in to the Sprint (Collin Creek Mall) today and I was not able to recreate the dang reboot, after playing with the phone for 10 minutes. I think the cold air temp (20’s-30’s) might have prevent it from overheating. I am very frustrated with this issues!!! Yeah, Sprint acted like they never heard of this issue!!

  • ToddT from Richardson TX

    Forgot to mention that we love this phone and my wife and I have been with Sprint since 1997. I hope HTC or Sprint would come up with the fix or acknowledge that there is a defect!!

  • sinned96

    HTC knows about it and is working on a fix As for Sprint all they do is replace the phone

  • Jenny from Muskegon Michigan

    My Evo is also rebooting several times a day. I can’t turn my phone off when it starts, so I also take the battery out for a few hours. When I put the battery back in I charge it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. As soon as I try to turn my phone off, bang!! it starts rebooting again.

  • Jenny from Muskegon Michigan

    Oh, I forgot to mention that I am now getting “network errors” when trying to download market.

  • Garrett

    Well I’m having the same problem with my Evo 4G. The only thing i’ve read from above that makes any sense is the overheating.

    But if you do get stuck in the reboot-loop i’d suggest pulling the battery… back-up all your junk to the SD card and do the factory reset. That did help… for about a week. Now if itry to do so much as try to make a phone call… the screen just sits there frozen, almost laughing at me.

    Hope to hear something soon.

  • Garrett

    I just found this alleged solution. It talks about getting the MSL code. I’m going to try it now… then i’ll post the results soon.

    Here is the link:

  • sinned96

    it is definitely a overheating problem it has nothing to do with gps or the mls lock code. I am on my second main board on this evo. so far no rebooting it’s only been activated for 1 day. 1 of the techs I spoke to told me they shut off at 120 degrees . Right after my phone reboots I check the battery temperature and it is always about 115 to 118. I left my phone sitting on the seat of my work van 1 day it got really hot from the sun thru the window it started rebooting and would not stop until the phone cooled off

  • Garrett

    I now hate the phone I thought was so great. whats the point of all it can do if it’s just going to crash when you use it.

    I have been late to places relying on the gps then it crashes. I have had super important calls dropped because it reboots. It’s ridicules when I have to watch my phone sit there and drain a full battery for half an hour rebooting itself. Want to just throw the thing. Absolute let down and unacceptable.

  • sinned96

    I have given up Im going to a samsung epic

  • REPO

    i had an evo 4 from spring with same problem rebooting while i was making a call i sent it to the factory and they said it was the main board, they changed it i just got it and so far its been working good no problems

  • sinned96

    I have 2 evos. 1 has had the mainboard changed twice and it still reboots my other 1 had the mainboard changed once and it still does it. So HTC is still looking into the problem

  • Moose

    Is anyone else getting an error message? My phone is constantly autorebooting but it only stays on for a limited time and when ever I try to do something I get an error message and its running super slow. I did the factory reset thing and the phone doesn’t error anymore and is running better but still keeps rebooting like crazy. =(

  • http://opweif erick pineda

    i whant to know is every think like pictures videos apps music etc. is delet when you recet or reboot the htc.

  • LibbiPeach

    When you reset your phone back to factory, yes everything you have added to your phone is gone, with the exception of whatever you have backed up on your memory card. If you saved pictures to your memory card, they will still be there. Apps will be gone, so before resetting make a list of those apps you want to get back and simply restore them after the reset.

  • John Mack

    I have had my HTC EVO 4G with Sprint for several months. It was trouble-free until the Android 2.2 upgrade. Ever since then, the phone has rebooted itself 3 to 10 times a day, randomly. I have read a lot of posts about this problem online, but have not tried any of the fixes yet. If I try any of them and have success, I will post again to let folks know what worked. Hoping it does work, because I like the phone a lot except for the rebooting problem.

  • Ed J

    My EVO reboots only when i use 3 apps: Angry Birds (reboots only once), Sprint navigation app(keeps rebooting for 30min), Google navigation(reboots only few times). I think this is android and data connectivity issue. This is not hardware in any case. My phone would be crashing on everything. All 3 apps share one thing they need 3G, 4G, or wifi connection. My game is free but it is connecting to server to pull adds. Both NAV apps cannot function with out internet and that my friends causing Phone Kernel Panic. HTC should work on this issue. It is software issue. I am waiting for a patch. After all it is mini apache.

  • sinned96

    I talked with the htc check today and she asked me all kinds of things about when and where it happened with my phone she thinks it is an overheating problem and she is sending the information to the engineers to try to find out how to fix it intel they figure out what is causing it we just have to wait they do read the forums though so post all your information that you can

  • Garrett

    So I got on the phone with Sprint last night… Went through the whole speal again. Then the transfered me to a “HTC specialist” who got to hear my speal/rant again. So after about 2 months of this rebooting and freezing garbage he says to me “We’re very sorry for these inconveniences, we’re going to send you a new phone today”, just like that. Hopefully the new phone wont be having these problems, so I’d suggest you guys all get on the phone with Sprint (just hit 0 twice to get to a human) and then ask to speak with the HTC expert.

    Good luck!

  • sinned96

    Why does everyone think a new phone will not have the same problem. I have had 4 evos and the main boards changed out 3 times and still have the reboot issues

  • Ed J

    I think I know why phone reboots while i use navigation software (sprint or Google). After about 20 min of use my phone heats up and then it starts rebooting itself. I just cannot figure out what heats up GPS chip or main CPU. Now my thoughts are that software is over driving CPU or Kernel is not controlling properly CPU performance.

  • Robin

    My Evo has been rebooting since October 2010. I have been on the phone with sprint a half dozen times and had it tooked at by the repair centers just as many. It is driving my nuts. The rebooting is getting worse. I have to leave the battery out for a while before I can use it because it continually reboots otherwise. Like the previous person mine started while using my Sprint Navigation on a long drive. Then it would overheat and shut off randomly. Now it just reboots for no reason. Why is it that with all the same complaints posted online that no one from strint has ever heard of this problem.

  • Christiana

    Yeah I haven’t had this phone more than two months havent dropped it nothing. spent over $400 on it and now it jus keeps rebooting and freezing and the internet doesnt work i cant recieve or send picture messages and i cant recieve forwards. i am very pissed HTC should have never ripped people off like this they knew that the phone had bugs, this is ridiculous now im out a %500

  • Garrett

    Well, it’s been almost 2 weeks exactly since i recieved the new phone. I’m pleased to say that it is working just like i remembered it… and yes even the navigation.

    Sorry you’re not having any luck there sinned96. Have you actually talked to an “HTC Specialist”? They seemed to have heard of this problem and where more than happy to replace the phone. If your phone is still acting up, what do you have to lose?

  • kat

    I recently relocated from the west coast to the south and my phone started rebooting. It was perfect before this and the only different thing was – I had begun to use my navigation – either google or sprint. I unchecked GPS and quit using navigation and it was OK for a while. Today I had an almost 30 minute phone call and it rebooted back to back. The battery wasn’t hot, but warm. I’ve been talking with sprint and HTC every other day. They need to do a better job and fix this. I’ve filed a complaint with the FCC, Consumer Reports, and gave a poor review with cnet. This issue might be bigger than the iphone antenna if we all report it. We should not be have to deal with this for what we spent on the phone. I’m supposed to trade mine in for a “refurbished” but I refuse to do so because they seem to be worse according to the online comments I’ve read.

  • nine64

    OMG…I’m about to throw this phone off the roof of my office. I’ve done all of the above to no avail. It’s not a heat issue, GPS, or any aftermarket apps. It’s version 2.2! I purchased this when it came out last year; after he version upgrade…poof, it was like magic! Reboot here, reboot there, here a freese, there a freeze, everywhere a freeze-boot!

    All I’m waiting for is the next non-HTC Sprint smart phone. I bought this at BestBuy with their insurance. This phone will be accidentally ran over by my car!


  • Rex

    My HTC Evo just started the infinite reboot loop for the second time in the last month. The first time I brought the phone into a Sprint store and the tech wiped it clean. I lost everything but it worked again. This time I called Sprint customer service armed and ready with many of the stories on this site. They admitted to the problems, help me reboot the phone(take out the battery, replace it and hold down volume button when turning phone on.) For now phone is working, but a new one is also being shipped to me, should have it 7-10 days. We shall see if it works. If not I think this is a breach of contract and we should be let out without penalty. I-phone here I come



  • John

    My HTC EVO started rebooting randomly the day after the upgrade to Android 2.2 was installed. I have read many of the posts here and tried a few of the “solutions:, but none of them have worked. The phone continues to reboot itself. I think the phone reboots because the processor stops, probably because of a software issue in the operating system. Sometimes, when I turn the screen back on, it doesn’t come back on, so I pull the back off the phone, remove the battery, reinstall the battery, and turn the phone on and it reboots. Very frustrating, but I am reluctant to even call Sprint because I don’t want to be without a phone for any period of time.

  • edma

    This is to all with reboot problems. Please go to Sprint repair center and ask for replacement. This is phone chip issue. There is no other way jus to get a new phone. My advise to you is to get refurbished, because they go through detail testing process. I got it. It is like new and it is perfect. No more issues.

  • edma

    For a phone replacement you have to go to Sprint repair center(do not call) they will order a new phone (most likely refurbished). This way you can keep your phone and replace it when it comes to the store. Again do not afraid of refurbished phones they go through heavy duty QC process and they look like new.

  • Thormincks

    I purchased my EVO a month after it came out (July 2010) and I never had a single problem with it, even after the update to 2.2, but I used it so much I burnt out the battery and my speaker went out (March 2011) so I went to sprint and they ordered a new phone for me. But this phone has had nothing but problems from day 1. When I use it at all it reboots in loops until Either i pull the battery or the battery dies, and when it isn’t doing that, everything from the HTC Input keyboard to HTC Sense will force close in infinite loops as well. I did manage however to get all of that to stop by replacing the keyboard, the sense with “crazy home” and now for the past 10 hours I have not had as much of a problem, except for the rare occasional restart.

  • Diana

    My HTC EVO 4G keeps on rebooting! Even though I always make sure to kill apps when I’m not using them and to have a regular background. I’m tired of my EVO rebooting over and over! I want to get a refund or exchange my phone! My EVO will reboot randomly and after it starts to reboot it will not stop, it reboots after it gets to the main screen(after 5mins of rebooting) and every other 30 seconds it will reboot itself over and over… haha sounds confusing but the bottomline: it reboots over and over after it has rebooted! PIECE OF SHIT HTC EVO for $500 WTF.

  • LibbiPeach

    @Diana have you taken it to the Sprint store ? That’s all I did. The first time they told me they “fixed” it, but when i took it back the 2nd time, they were unable to argue with me and replaced my phone. Don’t just complain, take action!

  • Karen

    I bought my Evo Augest 2010 and just last month it started this rebooting like Diana above mine just keeps doing it over and over till battery dies 50 minutes of it non stop my sprint TV did not work either but after taking to sprint store May 3 2011 they got that fixed and the rebooting has slowed down since last night only rebooted 5 times .
    Sprint/ HTC wheres the FIX???

  • Karen

    I think we all should get together for a class action law suit against HTC & Sprint Im fed up with being ripped off

  • sinned96

    Funny thing is I have been through 4 evos and 3 mainboard changes and still have the problem

  • Diana

    so i emailed HTC… and here’s their reply to me:

    Dear Diana Yang,

    I am sorry to hear that your HTC Evo device keeps rebooting on you.

    I recommend that you perform a factory reset on your HTC device. Please note that all data will be deleted from the HTC device as a result of this procedure. This process does NOT delete data stored on the microSD card. We recommend backing up all of your personal data before proceeding.

    Turn the power off. If your HTC EVO 4G is frozen, pull the battery out and reinsert it.

    Hold the Volume Down button.

    Press and release the Power button.

    You are now presented with a menu that allows for Fastboot, Recovery, Clear Storage, and Simlock.

    Select Clear Storage by pressing the Volume Down button.

    Press and release the Power button.

    Now simply confirm your decision: Volume Up for YES and Volume Down for NO.

    If you selected YES, all data including third-party applications will be deleted from the HTC EVO 4G. Once the wipe is complete, the phone will reboot to its factory fresh state.

    Diana, we do apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.

    To send a reply to this message or let me know I have successfully answered your question log in to our ContactUs site using your email address and your ticket number ###########



  • Sandy

    I’ve had the EVO 4G practically since it came out (an upgrade from a very buggy PalmPre). Was OK for awhile but once the 2.2 update auto-installed it reboots spontaneously and freezes at random. Have to remove the battery often. Reboots several times a day (sometimes several times/hr). Turned off 4G (which exists almost nowhere I travel anyway), hotspot, everything but Mobile Network & Bluetooth (and when I’m not driving, I turn off BT too)–to no avail. Can’t even find out how to see if I have ATK, which I know I never installed. Battery life horrendous–must keep it plugged in whenever I am in the car, at home, or in a hotel room. Did one factory reset then got my data & apps back……still reboots and freezes. Suspect it is a hardware issue with HTC, probably the chip. Will probably demand replacement (w/new chip)–or will switch to Samsung Epic. (EVO Shift would better meet my needs but it’s an HTC, which must stand for “hardware too crappy.”). I have an iPad (wi-fi), iPhone 3GS (from AT&T plan which I bought before ditching the Pre bec. I wanted tethering: MUCH more reliable than the EVO and PalmPre–but my family insists on keeping the Sprint family plan). I travel to so many rural areas covered only by Verizon (which has always treated me like dirt) that I will be gritting my teeth and getting a pay-as-you-go Verizon modem when on the road w/my laptop and no available wi-fi. Someone please talk me down off this ledge…..from which I am about not to jump but rather drop my EVO on the head of the next smug Sprint tech support person who passes below me!

    So do you suggest switching to the Samsung Epic, exchanging for another EVO that still may have this problem, or hanging on (and cursing) till the next wave of Sprint Android phones arrives?

  • Bernie

    It is funny that the article mentions the reboot when there is no signal because that is the only time this happens to me. I do not get cell signal in the laboratory in which I work. Every couple OF days I will feel the phone vibrate once and when I check it…reboot!?! This has never happened to me away from work.

  • Deefburger

    Reboots at least 3 or 4 times and does so no matter what ROM I use, or app.

    Reboots playing music.
    Reboots playing video.
    Reboots getting updates.
    Reboots when no carrier.
    Reboots using goggles.
    Reboots playing Angry Birds.
    Reboots using Nook.

    the list goes on and on.

    I’ve even experienced reboots in RECOVERY!!!!!

    The battery drains rapidly when the reboots start.
    Factory reset, clearing cache and Dalvik cache help, but do not fix. Fixing permissions is no help either.

    I’m beginning to suspect there is a serious flaw in the hardware.

  • Deefburger

    Just a thought, but the battery life problem may be related….

  • Dan

    I have solved the issue with constant rebooting on my HTC EVO and two other Evo phones.(NOTE) If you can still get into “Settings” skip down untill you see !!SETTINGS!!. For mine I could not access the phone’s system, but I could do a voice search.The reset to default did not work for my phone but I did figure out how to fix it. I looked up and downloaded the Droid Market(*note* you need Wi-Fi, your mobile is garbage right now).Please understand this was a hard and long process just to get that done when your phone keeps shutting off.After finally downloading,the next time it started back up I was able to get “Recent application” which was,you guessed it,the “Search” and the “Market”. After going into the market I “ended up” finding an app called “Super Manager” which allows you to choose !Settings!. Now you are in !!SETTINGS!! goto “Applications”.Then goto “Manage Applications”.Now you must goto goto the “All” tab and scroll down untill you see !HTC Sense! and open it.(Note) The icon has the clock over the weather over the phone with a + on the right hand side and up arrow on the left hand side. This is your issue during your automatic or even manual updates you downloaded a corrupted file. It is funny that the error is in the display is causing such a big issue.All you have to do now is click on !CLEAR DATA!. This will remove all updates for the display.Finally just go into “System Updates” and press the tab for “PRL Update”. You now have a fresh display screen and working phone.Yes Sprint is slow with fixing the issue since they are still making money with repairing and exchanging the phones.Hey I love this phone still and you will too. I do believe this will solve majority of the rebooting issues.As always there could be other reasons.P.S. It took me 24 hours from beginning to the end to come up with a fix and I’ve never had a problem since.

  • Dan

    If my fix works for you please let other people know about it. Oh yes, it doesn’t erase the data on your phone.

  • Deefburger

    I spoke to HTC two days ago(June 1 2011) and they said they know the issue exists AND it is in the hardware.

    I have been testing my phone under various conditions/ROMs Updates etc. and all of them last a few days and then BANG! Reboots on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday….Keeps happening.

    HTC has not found the problem yet, so even if you send your phone in for “repair” what you get back for your money is a still broken phone!!!

  • Dan

    Have you tried my fix yet?It want hurt to try it. It has been since October 0f 2010 since I had fixed mine.Since then I have fixed two different HTC Evo phones belonging to people I work with.Yes it is true there could be other problems though but it doesn’t hurt to try.

  • Deefburger

    Sorry Dan, but that fix can’t be it. It happens on rooted phones without HTC Sense, like Cyanogen Mod 7.

    I talked to HTC Tech and they said it is a hardware issue and they are still trying to figure out what is causing it.

    My own phone worked fine for months before the reboot problem began. I can “fix” it too, for a few days to a week, and then it happens again.

    I Tried your fix, I’m running stock now, and we’ll see, but it will take a few days to know if it reall is fixed.

  • Sandy

    Dan, I’d be skeptical that the problem is one that can be addressed with your fix. I was able to go straight from Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>All>HTC Sense without doing any of the preliminary steps or going to the Marketplace. I very nearly clicked “Clear Data” until I realized it would erase all the weather/time locations I’d stored for cities I visit. Back in early May I went to my Sprint store: they found the battery was defective and drained too fast (I thought this was weird, as I got random reboots when running on AC power too). They had to do a factory reset and replace the battery–they were able to sync my calendars & contacts via my Google acct. but I had to manually visit the Marketplace and reinstall apps I’d purchased (fortunately, at no charge, but unfortunately it kept me up all night). I notice the battery lasts much longer now (though still not all day when unplugged, even with BT, 4G and WiFi turned off), but I still get random reboots–in fact, just now at home, with the phone plugged in, the first time I tried your fix: the phone froze on the list of Apps so that I couldn’t scroll down to HTC Sense, and then rebooted.

    But I am especially convinced that this is either an HTC hardware or Sprint issue or both:
    1. My old Palm Pre often froze and rebooted; that and its screen going black when I would attempt to touch the onscreen phone keypad to enter voice-menu numbers once connected (the whack-a-mole syndrome) were what induced me to “upgrade” to the EVO4G
    2. Before replacing the battery, often when I’d wake the phone from sleep I’d get bizarre weather & time info on my home screen (sometimes, a place I’d visited weeks ago and sometimes someplace I’d NEVER been, such as cities in Azerbajan, Qatar, Finland, etc.).
    3. Deefburger says HTC has fessed up to a hardware issue, and I tend to believe it when a company’s representative says “mea culpa” on his employer’s behalf.

    Before I screw around with the software any further, I prefer to wait to see if HTC has isolated and fixed the issue. If it can’t, I might switch to a different manufacturer on Sprint–I’d hate to think Sprint itself is the culprit (as I increasingly suspect it partly is) because to leave Sprint would totally screw up my family plan and leave me with just AT&T on the road. (I actually gave in and bought a Verizon hotspot too, for motels that lack free internet–I just bought a USB/Ethernet adaptor for my MacBookAir, which lacks an Ethernet port–and where my Sprint and AT&T signals are too weak to tether to my computer. I hate Verizon for other reasons, but when you’re on the road you gotta do what you gotta do).

  • IceJan

    Reading these forums really makes me mad. Sprint and HTC are not doing what is right. HTC should at least offer a recall. I spoke to HTC today because I’m having the same problems and they want me to send it back to them so they can repair it, I’m hesitant because it appears they didn’t fix the problems. I will never purchase a HTC device ever again. Maybe we should start a website that HTC EVO sucks, start a Facebook Page, a Twitter account, using social media and make it go viral how this phone suxs!

  • Dan

    Sandy, please read through my fix. All your statements about it were mentioned. Such as,if you have access just skip to settings and the freezing then the rebooting is why it took around 24 hours to goto the process with mine.Also,I do realize there are other issues causing the problem on the phones.Turns out the last phone I had tried it with (2 days ago) only worked for part of the day. So 2 out of 3 phones it does work on so far.The second phone was fixed in January and I was told there has been no problem since. Also, your weather/time locations do not get deleted. this process only redoes your display.This does not erase your personal dat,I have just tested it for you.Istill have the cities listed.You can also “Add” this information yourself at anytime\for anyplace.Finally,Deefburger, I hope it works for you. If not I hope you find an answer to the problem.Let me know if it works or not.Also since there is a hardware issue suspected ,should there not be an inventory history(serial#/batch#/lot#/etc..) of those suspected parts and what phones they were put into.

  • Dan

    p.s. sorry my editor is asleep at this hour of night.

  • Dan

    Sorry,Deefburger, I read only sandy’s comment about the hardware issue. i see from your statement that they are still perplexed as to where the hardware issue is.

  • Sandy

    Dan, if you read the second half of my post you’ll have seen that I read from D’burger that HTC ADMITS it’s a hardware problem.

  • Deefburger

    Dan’s got something there though. My tests so far are showing stability.

    It may be the PRL update changed the way the radio is accessed. I deprovisioned my phone number from this phone, but it still connects to 3G on startup, and it is still using the cellular radio. Just not for data and calls. I use the wifi for streaming Netflix and I’m playing Angry Birds and so far no reboot or heating up.

    There is some connection to the PRL update, and perhaps the HTC update I did. I’ll check it again today and later by rooting and flashing CyanogenMod again.

    There may be code in the updates that the cariers are trying to push up to the phones. If this “update” is ignored or rejected, then the system may be dealing with only partial updated code sent by the push. This may be causing the older unupdated code to loop somewhere in the system and that would cause overheating and reboots.

    What Dan’s method does is manually force the update to complete. This kills the loop bug in the code and fixes the phone.

    I’ve been monitoring my phone for awhile. It was push updates that I wanted to avoid because I didn’t want crapware pushed up to my device. That’s why I rooted it in the first place!

    But the radio code may have been altered, or even tailored to individual phones. Some searching for root detection on Android suggests that some mechanism is being pushed, or tracked by the carriers. It is possible they goofed and pushed only half a hack, and so created a problem that didn’t exist otherwise.

    PRL stands for Preffered Roaming List. It is created by the ISP and lists carriers based upon the ISP’s deals and contracts. It may cause trouble if it is corrupted or incomplete.

    HTC updates would be for Sense UI and firmware. I updated my firmware as well as Dan’s suggestion of PRL. This would be firmware for everything EXCEPT the Cellular radio and WiMax (4G)

    Sprint updates would include crapware and Radio firmware separate from the PRL. It’s possible, that when roaming long distances, say from SF to New York, the PRL must be updated for the phone to roam in a way that is cheap for your carrier. They may try to push the PRL up to you so your phone will connect to the “right” towers.

    If your phone fails to update, then it may be rooted. Now they know. You roamed to several undesirable towers while in New York even though the cheaper ones were nearby. Or you failed to accept updates and did the same thing for the same reason. Either way, to the carrier you are a non compliant customer.

    What happens next? Push. Push until the phone is factory reset and fully updated, and trackable, and can be directed to the towers of their choice.

    When I first rooted my phone, (It’s stock now) I was getting updates to messaging I didn’t want. I imagine they’ve tried to push other things as well. Even if you take the phone number off the phone, it still connects to sprint and it still provisions, and it still get’s push updates! They WANT you to use THEIR code! They will push it to you no matter what, and you CANNOT turn off the Cellular EXCEPT in Airplane mode. But that kills your WiFI and Bluetooth too!

  • Sandy

    Hey, call me picky or naive, but I just wanted a functional smartphone–I don’t care about playing Angry Birds and I certainly don’t want to have to deal with trying to fend off “crapware” and coding and the like. IMHO, any phone you have to hack like that in order to get it to do the basic smartphone stuff without it having the phone equivalent of a kernel panic is a piece of garbage. My phone WAS factory reset. Sprint IS my carrier, and I want it that way, at least for now–I have a family plan, my son’s Samsung works fine and he doesn’t want to change carriers or phones. Meanwhile, my EVO locked up once (had to pull the–new–battery) and rebooted FIVE times in two hours today. Unacceptable–and it shouldn’t be up to the consumer, especially one who is NOT an IT professional, to make the phone work!

  • Sandy

    Dan, your “fix” broke my phone again!!!!! (I followed your directions to the letter, starting with “Settings;” the first time I got into the Manage Applications menu and I tried to click “All,” the screen froze and I could do NOTHING until I removed the battery and rebooted. Next I got all the way to the HTC Sense Screen and clicked CLear Data and then OK===and it FROZE again. Removed battery, rebooted, and after a cycle of three automatic reboots I now have NO home screen. (I can get the apps screen). When I press the Home button there’s NOTHING but the bottom bar……and then the #$%^&*() thing froze again. Where am I supposed to find System Updates and PRL Update?

  • Sandy

    OK, I finally got there–and it took me quite a while how to get my old home screen back (only now the wallpaper is weird). My mails, messages and contact list is intact. Now HTC has a “Welcome to HTC Mail–please select an account to assign to it.” I already have too many e-mail accounts to manage and still have a life. Can I safely ignore HTC Mail?

  • Dan

    What did your homescreen look like? Was it a custom screen or through the “personalize” in settings?

  • Sandy


  • Sandy

    It had been black background, desk clock, city name (Chicago) and weather conditions–so far it has been working for ten straight minutes. I don’t mind the bright wallpaper, as long as the phone stops bricking. (Just before I removed the battery, it auto-rebooted). Sorry, but there is SOMETHING still wrong on the hardware end of things. HTC admits it.

  • Dan

    Oh, yes! If you would please update the HTC SEnse software as Deefburger mentioned. I forgot to mention that as I stated then it was late and my brain(aka..editor) was asleep. Deefburger was correct when saying my method manually forces the update to complete.As you have done the PRL update you need to immediately do the remaing system updates just to be safe.This will hopefully take care of any corrupted files left on your phone.You have to understand all smart phones are being inundated with coding,especially The Froyo OS.Sprint keeps a strict eye on there phones also they can send bad coding if they receive errant information such as from a rooted phone.Also Google can access your phone anytime they wish including shutting you down without letting you know.You have already given them permission when you activated your phone. Just as any computer downloading a file over mobile or Wi-Fi you are more succeptable to corrupted files. With all carriers your going to have problems they all do this now to an extent.Keep this in mind.

  • Dan

    Sorry it hasn’t worked. Are you using the Wi-Fi as I stated.Trust me I know it is a Painnn.I told you how long it took me. You can try to do it again,maybe let the Sprint tech. do it.The purpose of it is to force a full complete update.

  • Dan

    If it works goto settings>personalize>scenes>sprint scene,tadaa.You’ll have black background, desk clock, city name,and weather conditions.

  • Dan

    Sandy,As for the weather app. I would need more info.It sounds like your receiving bad location info.This would also come from a corrupted file.

  • Dan

    If you would like try again or just get some rest tonight.

  • Sandy

    Just checked–firmware, HTC software are all up to date. Took two tries for “Sprint Scene” to go back to black.

  • Dan

    Please go through the process one more time.Let’s just make sure we get rid of the corrupted files. Follow through the process you should be a pro now.I do prefer for you to use a good Wi-Fi signalif available.

  • Dan

    Sandy, do this with your phone on the charge cord.

  • Dan

    As for your E-mail account put in the one you already have and been using. When you first got your phone you started a Gmail account,use it.

  • Sandy

    On wi-fi. Plugged in (always was when trying the fixes).Still spinning cursor on “checking for PRL update.” 10 minutes of this so far…

  • Sandy

    This is insane–I didn’t buy a phone to be kept up all night. How long should the PRL update take? I think the 3G was stronger than the wi-fi because it took less time on 3G before

  • Dan

    I to had to wait for the update also.

  • Dan

    ok try it then if your wifi signal is not good.

  • Dan

    I felt the same way.

  • Sandy

    PRL finally updated. No new HTC update. But when I click on “Firmware Update” or “Profile Update” I get a box “Previous DM Session is still working now; try again later.” Huh????

  • Dan

    If it works use Advanced Task Killer along with Task Killer Pro. These 2 together keeps my memory available between 256M – 300M. Thus saving and prolonging the battery time.

  • Dan

    looks like a server issue at this moment. I just verified it.

  • Dan

    Sandy are you having issues right now?If not turn off your phone and restart.

  • Dan

    sandy,This is basically saying that a previous link is still accessing,but I do believe there is an error.Iam sure Deefburger can shed more light on it.

  • Sandy

    Not currently having issues, so I turned the phone off and restarted. My Home screen was more like a welcome/help screen, so I went to Settings>Personalize>Scenes and chose HTC Scene (I actually kinda like the colored bubbles). But now I went to Firmware Update and it is “checking for firmware update, please wait.” Unlike the previous error message, I now have the option of a Cancel button, so that’s what I’ll do–obviously there’s a server problem.

  • Sandy

    I will leave well enough alone and not try a Profile Update either–am dead on my feet (have been up 20 hrs). Back at my bubbly home screen. See what happens tomorrow. G’night.

  • Dan

    Sandy, If you have problems with the updating. goto phone mode>bring up dial keypad>enter ##3424#>press the menu button> then click on “disable”. Exit out and you should have no problems with the updating .Let me know if this helps.Well, I am off to work now.

  • Deefburger

    Well…Angry Birds was enough to start the reboots again today. So much for a “fix”.

  • Dan

    Sorry, oh well. I am sure people will keep searching for the answer.

  • cowboyhacker

    New Software update out for HTC EVO update 4.22.651.2, Gingerbread, is out and I am downloading now, i too have been having re-boots, but mine mostly happen when listen to FM radio at work.

  • Russell

    My evo has been rebooting for a while now. It does not reboot in airplane mode at all. And it reboots more when the ambient temperature is above 70F. It seems related to the cell radio, but I’m not 100% sure. Any ideas how I might diagnose this problem? Is there some log kept of why it reboots?

  • Rachael

    I just got my HTC EVO 4G on May 30th, and it didn’t start with this rebooting issue until this week. On 6/16/11 it rebooted once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Yesterday it rebooted once in the morning and once in the afternoon. And it just rebooted itself just now (morning). This is quite annoying and I don’t understand why the device worked flawlessly for two weeks and is just now starting to have this issue.

  • Sandy

    Downloading the Gingerbread update now, and hope it will alleviate the reboot problem. I’ve had fewer spontaneous reboots since Sprint replaced my battery and restored factory defaults (and I slooooowly brought my apps back from the cloud), but still have had them at inopportune times, such as trying to use an app after long periods of phone inactivity (it’s not my primary cell); most recently, it happened Sunday when I decided to use the Navigation app–for an agonizing minute or two the phone was frozen and I feared I was going to have to pull out the battery for a hard reboot. Fortunately, someone else was driving (he was using Nav on a different brand of Android on Verizon, and Nav on his phone seemed to keep misdirecting us the wrong way down one-way streets); finally the reboot started and completed and Nav didn’t freeze my EVO. It’s been 15 minutes now and the update’s still downloading, We shall see. FWIW, all sorts of electronics seem to have gone wacko this week–after a huge storm, my ISP went down citywide for nearly a day and its server on my neighborhood’s node didn’t come back for another half day; and its signal is unstable and keeps assigning bogus IP addresses to my and my neighbors’ wi-fi routers. The Evo’s 4G wi-fi hotspot cabability isn’t what it’s cracked up to be, being weak and erratic; right now I’m tethered to my iPhone for internet. (I even had to buy a Verizon mobile hotspot–it’s the only device that’s anywhere near reliable right now–last weekend at a hotel in the small town where I was playing a music festival, the hotel’s free wi-fi was transmitting an almost nonexistent signal from its own ISP). You may think I’m nuts using 3 cell networks, but when I travel I’m bound to find myself in one dead zone or another–and for a performing and traveling musician these days, being offline is like being bound and gagged inside a cave.

  • Sandy

    Uh-oh–download is complete, but the reboot keeps freezing on the “Now 4G” screen, over and over and over and over……..

    DON’T DO THE DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gabe Lopez

    My EVO keeps rebooting causing to loose several contacts. Please advise.

  • kp

    I’ve been having the same problems of rebooting and freezing especially in the text messages. This is terrible!!!! I HATE THIS PHONE!!!!

  • Christine V

    I’ve been having this issue since May, since I bought the extended battery. Not sure if coincidence or not, but on my original battery, this did not occur. I’ve taken it to the Sprint store a total of four times — first three, they wiped out and reloaded with updated software — claiming it was software update issues. Fourth time they gave me a new EVO and new battery, which they said should take care of it. I went off on vacation and literally it cycle reboot on me the very first time I used my GPS. Since the switchout — it’s been doing it everyday and I’ve had to take the battery out to stop the constant rebooting. Sprint store claims they’ve had no complaints…. what a joke!

  • John MacKenzie

    I previously reported that my HTC EVO 4G was randomly rebooting. The phone was about a month old. It worked fine until the first software update about June 2010. After downloading the most recent HTC software update around June 30, 2011, my EVO has stopped rebooting. So far, so good. About 12 days and not one reboot! Also, it boots faster than ever before. I believe HTC must have figured out what was causing the random reboots. If you haven’t downloaded the most recent software upgrade, I would suggest that you do. Just touch “Settings”, “System Updates”, then “HTC Software update”. You will be glad you did.

  • Sandy

    OK, just started downloading the latest HTC update (as well as the latest Gingerbread OS update). Hope it works–I’ve been getting at least 2 or 3 random reboots a day (down from one or more per hour before the previous update). Maybe ten updates from now, when the phone has become obsolete or at least my contract is up, the phone will only reboot when *I* reboot it). Sprint’s customer svce. and prices are good; its network is “meh” for strength and “feh” for coverage (I have to travel with an AT&T iPhone as well in order to be able to get signal in small towns, and recently a Verizon hotspot to get online out in the boonies). But its hardware is DREADFUL. I have had problems in my family with three brands thus far: this HTC EVO, my previous Palm Pre, my son’s Samsung smartphone (some freezes & reboots, though not THIS bad), and even my husband’s “dumb” Samsung flip phone (he’s gotten used to taking out and putting back the battery several times a day).

  • Ronnie Santos

    For those who have been having the Sprint/4G white screen loop over and over(Sandy). Look @ this article. Let me know if this helps. It helped me!

  • Nick

    My Evo self-reboots almost every time I’m on the internet, using navigation, or playing a game. No problems with phone calls…yet.

  • Anthony

    I hate HTC and their horrible service. First off they take forever to answer a call or email. When they do they make it seem as I am the problem. I was told to uninstall any app that I downloaded. And it would work. Well it still doesn’t work. I spoke to my local Sprint rep and he said that there is a problem with the hardware, and has ordered me a new EVO. I suggest everyone go to Sprint, and trade in their EVO’s for the newer model.

  • alan

    I’ve been having the same problems of random rebooting for six months, I hate HTC.
    SO i asked for help from my friend who work in mobile manufacturing plant.he told me the true trouble in hardware .need to replace new cpu.
    Because cpu solder joint is poor Soldering . That cause cpu temperature is much high than usual.

  • Juan

    Sandy – any luck with your latest updates?
    I have been facing the same issues … took the phone to Sprint on Saturday and got it back on Sunday.
    Fixed … yeah, right!
    Everything was fine until I decided to go on the internet … the rebooting loop started again … leaving me only with the option to remove the battery, wait, put it back, and restart.
    I really like this phone … I’ve had it since Nov. 2010, but around June I have started to see this issue. Started randomly but not often. Now it’s a real pain!
    I’ll check back this forum later in the week to see what others have to say.

  • Juan

    P.S. – I fear not, but is there a way to revert back to an earlier version of the operating system?

  • Danielle

    I have the same issue… reboots a lot – especially when accessing the camera. I noticed it a LOT more since I got the latest android OS… did anyone else notice this?

  • Don

    I have been having the same reboot problems that everyone else has been having. In my investigations, I have come across the TeleNav GPS Navigation app (factory installed) is constantly in a restart status. One way I have been able to bypass this is to get the phone in airplane mode as soon as I can and then go to Settings>>>Applications>>>Manage Applications then select the “Running” tab; scroll down to TeleNav GPS; select it and then press stop.

    This is not a fix for the problem but it will greatly cut down on the number of reboots that occur.

  • Adam

    I recently just purchased this phone off ebay and it’s in great condition, i thought the rebooting had to do with me buying a broken phone. But this is rediculous, i seriously can’t even turn my phone on for 5 minutes without it restarting. Quite annoying.

  • Sandy

    I’m at wit’s end. I travel a lot, and keep hearing the thing rebooting (the “Sprint 4G ” boot sound is LOUD and annoying, like the “Twilight Zone” theme) over and over in my hotel room, my car (especially irritating when I’m streaming music from XM’s app,–I lose the connection and have to switch to another source because it’s too dangerous to restart the app at 70mph. I was going to hold out til Oct., when Sprint gets the iPhone5, but then my warranty period may be over and I’d get socked with a bigger upgrade fee. Bringing it in (for the SECOND time!) tomorrow–both times they told me it was a bad battery and also installed a “special” firmware update and both times I was up all night re-downloading and reloading apps, because Sprint doesn’t have the kind of “cloud” Apple does except for gmail.. (I have AT&T too for areas where there’s no Sprint, and on the couple of times I had to reboot to factory default settings, all I had to to to get everything back was to log in to my MobileMe account–everything back to normal in under 15 min).

  • Juan

    Update – sorry to say that I was not able to resolve the issue with my phone. On my 3rd trip to the Sprint store for the same issue, they finally realized that there was a problem with the phone and gave me a new (refurbished) one.

    I have had it for 2+ weeks and this one is working great.

    Good luck!

  • Mark

    We had 1 of our 2 Evo’s (4G) enter the reboot-loop phase a couple weeks ago. No insurance. Stopped at Sprint store while it was doing it; they did factory reset and it continued to reboot. They ordered a new phone without further questions. They just said “known issue” and ordered it.

  • sean

    both my evo and my wife’s evo shift will reboot even when we have service the shift seems to do it more often

  • salman

    My EVO just randomly reboots whenever. Typically when I’m playing word feud, it will crap out and need to restart. I’m in some highly populated areas most of the time so its rare that I don’t have a signal or data connection. On top of that, the phone runs sluggishly after the reboot. I try to minimize the amount of constantly running apps to relieve the memory and I never run live wallpapers.

  • susana

    My htc evo is rebooting at random times and it slows down a lot.

  • Katrina

    My EVO has been randomly rebooting for at least 2 months. In early August, it started getting really hot during extended use (30+ min on a call), and then it gets stuck in the reboot-loop until I yank the battery. It used to restart and stay on after it cooled down, but this last time it won’t and I can’t seem to get it to enter the bios screen so I can factory reset it.

    The phone worked perfectly (minus the wimpy battery life) for over a year. I’m hoping Sprint will fix it or get me a new one as this is the first phone in years I haven’t had the itch to replace after 12mo.

  • Eric

    Well, add me to the list of rebooting phones. My Evo 4g started randomly rebooting in July and I went so far as to replace the battery and SD card. Went through multiple factory resets and then Sprint cleared the entire phone and put an updated ROM on it, still with no good results.

    After a month of dealing with it Sprint gave me a new phone (referb) with the newest updated ROM. Without installing anything on the phone, using a new battery, and not even having the SD card in it, I was viewing the menu’s and it rebooted. Then started the entire reboot cycle once again.

    One thing that I noticed though since all the reboot problems have started is that when it occurs, the screen is a lot warmer than normal. Then while the screen is hot, this reboot cycle will continue. Cooling the phone seems to be the only way to get it to stop….at least for me. So in the meantime I have a cell phone thats pretty much only good for a few text messages and thats about it.

  • Melissa

    My evo has been rebooting randomly for a couple of months. The phone gets really hot when it happens. The only way to fix it is to pull the battery out and wait for it to cool down. Went to the sprint store, they reset the phone and applied some updates…fixed it for about a day and then it started doing it again. My phone is over a year old and I don’t have insurance. Any chance I can get them to give me a new one?

  • Stuart

    Once a day at least…not sure I see a pattern other than it always happens as I reach to use it. Is there a user proximity monitor that checks for use urgency?

  • evo

    OKay people don’t do a hard reset. If your phone keeps rebooting to tif htc screen when you push the home icon from a game or even the net, what you need to do is hook up your phone to your pc. I found that the cause of this is because of bad formatted music such as mpeg 4 songs. Delete them unless it is am mp3 format. Also while your there delete anything you don’t really need. I did it and now my shit is working fine maybe yours will to.

  • sandy

    Well, I never had any mp4 songs on my EVO (they go on my iPhone3GS–yes, I have 2 carriers bec. I travel cross-country a lot). And when I travel, my EVO charges by plugging in to my computer. A Mac, BTW–I refuse to use a PC except when forced to. If you’re telling me that I can safely plug this phone only into a PC, then I have a perfect excuse to return it and get an iPhone4S from Sprint instead. I have the insurance on the EVO, but the experience of everyone on this board tells me that a refurb or even a new unit will have the same problem–it’s turning from a bug into a feature! The product is defective by design.

  • kat

    My phone started rebooting after using Google navigation – just shy of nine months old. It took three weeks of fighting with Sprint to get a new one instead of refurbished. HTC new about the issue but was useless. I will never but HTC again. My new EVO is ok so far. I don’t use Googled navigation, but it is only six months old. If you Google iPhone rebooting you will find they too have a problem.

  • sandy

    In the 2-1/2 yrs I’ve had an iPhone 3GS, it has frozen exactly ONCE. Never random-rebooted. The only time it rebooted spontaneously was after updating the OS–and each time all it took was a simple sync to my MobileMe cloud to get all my apps, data, mail & settings back (a process of <10 min.). Sprint, Android, where's your cloud???

  • kat

    This forum is to discuss the EVO rebooting issue not an android vs. IPhone site. I was frustrated when my phone rebooted 8 times in a row, and most days at least once. It was a major headache for thee weeks. If HTC and Sprint handled it better it would not have been an issue. Regardless of what kind of phone you have there will be problems. Demand a new phone. It will take time, but email sprint non-stop, call them, and not just first level of support, ask for supervisors. I also wrote consumer reports and the FCC. And like me, don’t buy HTC.

  • sandy

    I AM demanding a new phone–just not another EVO. Like you, I’ve had it with HTC. Even the brand-new ones now have the same overheat/reboot problems–THEY’RE DEFECTIVE from the get-go. And the reason I brought up my iPhone3GS was that a poster contended they too have reboot issues. The reason I mentioned Android was that the semi-handful of times I needed to restore the contents of my iPhone, I was able to do so with a simple sync, whereas the times I had to restore my EVO, I was up all night re-downloading apps! If you read my entire post you’ll see that everything in it related to my EVO.

  • Katrina

    An update to my phone’s status: I had the Sprint store fix my phone, and it mostly is fixed. However if I charge the phone via USB line to my computer, it still reboots and overheats at random times. I can stay on speakerphone with it for longer than 30minutes and do all other things, I just can’t charge or leave it plugged in by USB.

  • sandy

    I’d thought that keeping it plugged in to a USB charger or port was the culprit—but my EVO also random-reboots while sitting in my purse!

  • Libbi

    It’s not a music issue either. My old phone (sprint gave me a new one) never had any music on it.

  • Taylor

    My HTC Evo always restarts itself when I am doing something. It could be when I am playing a game, or when I am online. It will also just randomly do it and will also restart multiple times in a row.

  • sinned96

    I’m happy to say mine has not rebooted in months

  • sandy

    AsI said earlier, I have just about had it with this phone, and with HTC in general–judging from the posts on this board by people whose refurbed or even new replacement EVOs are doing the same thing. Now that Sprint’s got the iPhone4S, I wanted to upgrade (and I was told last month online I WAS eligible), but now I have to pay the “sucker” price for an iPhone according to the same website. My question is has anyone here been successful in getting a credit for their defective EVOs applied to an upgrade to another phone, or does Sprint insist they take another EVO? (And please, no snarky comments about the purpose of this forum–my question DOES have to do with the EVO).

  • sinned96

    yes I bitched a lot and they credited my acct 200 for a new phone but since then my evo works great

  • Libbi

    They replaced my EVO with a NEW phone, and i have not had any problems with mine since. It has been several months now, but then i didn’t experience any problems with my original EVO for many months either. However, I am eligible for a new upgrade when/if this ever happens, I will simply get myself a new EVO. I love the phone.

  • Jojet

    I got my HTC Evo 3D beginning of September, since then I have been at the Sprint store 5x, screen freezing up, it would re-boot, would turn off and not turn back on unless I take the battery out. First two times they were able to reset it without opening a ticket repair. Last 3x tickets had to be created, had to leave phone for a few hours. But same results my phone would pass the test they do at the store. So 6th time I was there, the whole screen frozed under the 3D print screen, even with battery out and put back on as it is turning, the minute it gets to the 3D design freezes and can’t turn back off unless battery is taken out. So that was when SPRINT said we will just order you a new phone, this is a lemon for sure. I got a new unit, it arrived at the store yesterday, so far so good.

  • Sandy

    Had to go to the ER last week (no, not about the EVO!) and during the 3 hrs I was in there for tests, the phone rebooted EIGHT times. Been on the road this past week, and every time I’m in the middle of shooting some gorgeous scenery, the stupid thing reboots!Seems to happen a lot when traveling in & out of Sprint coverage areas. IMHO, it’s turning out to be worse than useless. To call this a lemon is to insult fine citrus fruits everywhere. Everything I read here convinces me of the futility of returning it, as the replacements all seem to fail very soon (“so far so good” after only a day or two is no indication of a good unit). IMHO, Sprint needs to step up and do the right thing: offer a credit on a new model of a different (non-Android?) phone. (Apparently, according to a CNET report this seems to happen to lots of users of FroYo and especially Gingerbread Android versions). They should allow us aggrieved EVO owners to purchase the iPhone 4GS at new-customer prices (NOT $650-900).

  • Jenny

    I’m with you, Sandy. However, I’m running gingerbread on my HTC EVO and it hasn’t rebooted in a couple of weeks. (I’m not holding my breath though) Hey, Sprint could see these phones for miniature heating pads, as hot as they get.

  • Sandy

    If anything, it’s gotten worse since I updated to Gingerbread. And I hear you about the temperature–it melted a candy bar on the other side of my purse!

  • Libbi

    I disagree, I don’t want an iPhone. I love my EVO and my reboot problems were in the spring. My NEW EVO hasn’t had ANY problems, so I am a satisfied customer.

  • Jojet

    alright, here i am again. what a suprise. well this time, its my text messages and after taking it to sprint again this morning, would you believe i even “stomped” the techinicians with it.

    when i send text messages, it is going under draft folder. it is not on the main text message screen but it is on the draft screen, so when i have to check my sent text messages i go under drafts. read my manual again in regards to messages and went over and over and over under settings nothing about this. so now all my sent text messages are under drafts. and when you read them and i hit the back button or home button after reading it would say “saving under drafts” oh joy! and this is a new phone that sprint replaced this week. so they said the only thing is hard reset. oh joy! anyone have this issue?

  • Jojet

    Sprint Announces HTC EVO Design 4G for $99, Coming Oct. 23,2817,2394969,00.asp#fbid=qXkXcB_qgJV

  • Sandy

    meh. Smaller, less powerful, 5MP camera instead of 8MP. Only improvement is GSM capability–but it’s still an HTC running buggy Gingerbread (which seems to cause reboots on friends’ Android phones by other makers from other carriers). Nope–gonna hold out for an iPhone 4S until they bring the price down or let me upgrade for less than an arm & a leg.

  • Jenny

    I’m with you Sandy, this us my second EVO and I’m still having rebooting problems I am running gingerbread on it, so far so good. Like I said, I’m not holding my breath. My text messages are also going into my draft folder. I also want to hold out for an Iphone, why should we have to settle for less after paying so much money for these phones, not to mention the $120.00 per year I pay for insurance for it.

  • Jojet


    Are you going try to fix the issue of the sent text messages being saved under draft folder? Or just going to let it be? I was told by the Sprint technicians that this is a first and never heard of issue from HTC EVO and the only way they can do I hard reset but they are not guaranteeing it will solve it.

  • Otis

    Evo Keeps freezing and restarting. After a phone call on speaker mode and during the camera mode after I delete an image. WTF

    • Baycassidy51

      I had the same phone same problem tried turning it off 4 g !

  • jojet

    hi otis, sad to say that is an on-going issue with htc evo. see my posts on october 21, 2011. this is my second new phone that Sprint replaced and it is still doing the same issue as my original HTC that I ordered September. If you take it to Sprint, all they will do is do an update on software.

  • Sandy

    Mine keeps freezing (requiring battery removal) and reboots several times a day now. On vacation last week, I waited an hour at a Sprint store on Long Island only to be told that they wouldn’t take my word for it–they claimed that since the phone itself hasn’t been replaced yet there’s probably nothing wrong with it (!!!!!). They wanted me to leave it there overnight to see if it’d misbehave; and if it did, they’d MAIL me another (notice they didn’t say “new”) phone. I told them where they could put it (okay, I chickened out and said I’d wait till I got back to Chicago). But I am sure that the reason they won’t replace it on the spot is because if they mail you a replacement it’s almost certainly a “refurb”–which is in all likelihood a used model with reinstalled software and battery. I paid close to $400 for my EVO when it came out nearly a year ago–I notice the “newbie” price for it is down to $100. At this point, I’ll take any factory-new reliable Android phone.

  • Carissa_noel

    Yesterday mine rebooted itself probably over 70 times.. At one point for an hour it just sat there and kept rebooting itself. I took out the battery and it just started rebooting again. It’s impossible to do anything!

    • roman ovseychuk

      that is happening to me right now..its crazy…will the spring company be able to do anythin ?????

  • tabitha

    before update my phone to gingerbread, all it did was reboot.  I figured that a software update coming.  now since the update all it does is a fast reboot, especially when I come out of an app.. its driving me insane, its getting out of hand.

  • Killerdc2001

    I am so tired of seeing the htc splash screen I could puke. I will guarantee I will not purchase another. Overall I like my phone and like android much better than iPhone but HTC seems to have a major software issue. This is my third phone and I haven’t even gone to complain about the software reboots. They will prolly try to just give me another refurb. My wife has an EVO and hers does the same thing. My kids EVO doesn’t do this because he hasn’t updated to the latest software.

  • Chris Lyonz

    mine restarts every time i use the camera or FB. and it always drains the battery completely every reboot. Im so sick of this!

  • Supra7

    Mine started with the latest phone updates about three weeks ago, Goes into a reboot loop that can last for 5 to ten cycles or as this mornings reboot loop did it continously rebooted on a fresh battery until it had drained the battery completely.

    Sprint corporates response has been BS And passed me onto the local sprint store where they said I needed to go to Corporate. Was also told by the store employee that they could do a hard reset and to never allow the phone to update firmware or software or update any existing apps or add any apps from now on!

  • Supra7

    Mine started with the latest phone updates about three weeks ago, Goes into a reboot loop that can last for 5 to ten cycles or as this mornings reboot loop did it continously rebooted on a fresh battery until it had drained the battery completely.

    Sprint corporates response has been BS And passed me onto the local sprint store where they said I needed to go to Corporate. Was also told by the store employee that they could do a hard reset and to never allow the phone to update firmware or software or update any existing apps or add any apps from now on!

  • bit

    Well, I have been experiencing the same issue… and I guess I am glad to see I am not alone…
    I did figure out that for a few months, the first problem I was having was actually physical… with the slightest movement, let it be just walking around with the phone in your pocket, and the battery would move inside and the phone reboot fully… after a few trials and errors, I was able to tape and pry the battery in place using tape, some small strips of velcro and even a penny… hehehe but that worked, until today. I had the phone just sitting here in front of me, attached to a wall and I just happened to be looking straight at it, when it just rebooted… I believe it is the second time it happened, but this time I happened to be looking at it when it happened… I wish there was an app, or something that you could look and see logs of failed processes or something that could at least point you into the right direction to find the issue…
    It is a great phone, but with these woes and the terrible battery usage (I basically use it as a corded phone, since the battery runs out with anything you do on it…) I definitely will not be looking at HTC’s come time to get a new phone hopefully next year…

    • Lillyblairmiller

      Just a comment regarding the awful battery usage… I was getting to the point where I hated my Evo (& this was coming from the iPhone 3G!) because of the awful battery life. (Didn’t help that my car has electrical issues so I can’t charge in the car) Someone recommended the free app juice defender and after a little configuring on my end its like a whole new phone. I can actually rely on my battery to last now, even w/o a travel charger! I use my phone for everything, GPS, music in car, etc. And its lasting twice as much as it used to. Now if I could only get it to stop doing soft resets every time I leave an app I’d be happy with it. Thought maybe this could help you a little, unless you have a defective phone.

  • Baycassidy51

    I have the same phone and had the same problem a geek fixed it try turning off your 4 g .

  • Sheilaboyd22

    my phone won’t stop rebooting as we text going to sprint as soon as they open. They will either have to replace my phone. I try to take the battery out numerous times. The phone froze and then it said Out of service and it hasn’t stop rebooting since.

  • Lillyblairmiller

    Just a comment regarding the awful battery usage… I was getting to the point where I hated my Evo (& this was coming from the iPhone 3G!) because of the awful battery life. (Didn’t help that my car has electrical issues so I can’t charge in the car) Someone recommended the free app juice defender and after a little configuring on my end its like a whole new phone. I can actually rely on my battery to last now, even w/o a travel charger! I use my phone for everything, GPS, music in car, etc. And its lasting twice as much as it used to. Now if I could only get it to stop doing soft resets every time I leave an app I’d be happy with it. Thought maybe this could help you a little, unless you have a defective phone.

  • Ehiatt1

    I have been using my Evo 4G for everything, cleaned up APPS. The rebooting thing has been going on for 6 months now. Just going in and out of texting causes the Evo to reboot itself. 3/4 of the things I go into app wise the Evo restarts itself. I have 45mb left of internal memory on the phone, my theory is the less memory the slower and more frequent reboots. This could be due to memory leakage in the Android OS, and the system trying to recover itself. Just a thought, I have tried shutting down a few more apps and it seems to be the same. HTC needs to really check this out! I think I will move to a different manufacture when it comes time to renew.

  • Greenqq1

    A few months ago (~6 months after getting it) my EVO 4G went through a couple hours of continuous reboots… constantly cycling through the startup without getting the main screen.  As I was walking from my car to the sprint store it fixed itself and actually powered on.  The store tech checked it over, cleared memory, and found several apps running in the background (ones I never turned on or even knew were installed). Since then I deleted a lot of apps and only run necessary updates. Happened again this morning for 2 hours while I researched numerous troubleshooting forums. I had tried removing the battery a couple times, gave it a rest, no luck.
    I finally got it after twice trying to force reboot.  While it started another cycle with white screen, I held the volume up and down buttons and then held the ON/OFF button until the screen went blank. It went blank for about 15 seconds and started up again, this time without any problems. 
    Until these incidents, my phone would periodically reboot at random but it was rather rare. However, I noticed the frequency of random reboots increased shortly prior to the most recent fiasco (perhaps a warning sign).

  • Supra7

    Well after dealing with sprint and nothing they tried would fix the reboot issue with the phone. They replaced it with a refurbished Evo that was junk! So they replaced a bad refurb again with another refurb. And it had a bad touch screen so this time the supposedly refurbished phone was given a new screen and then come to find out the camera and flash did not work on that one! So they again had me bring it in so that they could fix this issue! once I got it back when I went to use it  a message popped up saying  that my Device was not a sprint / nextell device! They did offer to let me change the phone out for a refurbished HTC Hero! WTF!? Talk about a dwongrade!

  • Flyboygt

    Unfortunately I have been having the same issue as everyone else. It doesn’t matter what app I am in or if im sending a text or and email or setting the alarm clock (last night). I dont know if anyone else is having the issue where it gets in a loop of rebooting but mine does. My worst was 15 solid minutes of rebooting itself over and over again. The 4g is not the problem as i never use it. I would love to know what the problem is because it is always the most inconvenient time when it decides to start this crap. I think I took care of it last night. it “slipped” out of my hand and cracked the screen so when i get the new one hopefully it will be semi-resolved, otherwise sorry to say it but i may be ditching it for an iphone. something to be said for stable operating systems.. 

  • Anonymous

    Same reboot problems. Phone also shuts off completely, requiring power up, phone locks up, false alert messages, etc. Sprint has agreed to swap EVO for Samsung Epic. Just have to wait since not in inventory. They can’t even predict when phone will be in stock. EVO out of stock too. Odd? In the meantime, Sprint refuses to issue an account credit for bad and interrupted service. Given this is my 9th EVO replacement. So much for refurbished phones. Sprint customer service sucks. Filed online complaint with FCC since Sprint refuses to make things right.

  • Trishg

    reboots at randoam times, gettig very frustrating and they won’t do anything except a hard reboot on the phone.  what do i pay for the insurance for???

  • Diamondust25

    I have the HTC Evo Model PC36100 and it has been randomly restarting for no apparent reason. It has not been in use most of the times when it has restarted, and I am not using a live wallpaper to the best of my knowledge. It is one of the preloaded wallpapers that was on the phone. Luckily so far my reboots are only every few days. Hopefully they don’t continue to increase in number though….

  • TexCat78

    Mine reboots frequently… usually after closing a web browsing session or getting out of the Facebook app.  Doing a “hard” reboot (shutting down completely and restarting) seems to make it go away for a little while.

  • Thomas Rathbun

    This has happened to me a few times today when it happened wasn’t even touching or using it when it rebooted had to reset my wallpaper that I had – not a live one just a random pic I had found from that was a sample photo that came with the phone.  Last time it did this it wiped my call log out. 

  • BAH

    Mine does it when I stay on the internet or navigation for more than a few minutes

  • Rtc3630ct

    Yes I been having this issue that has gotten worst. What is the fix for this annoying problem.

  • monchoramos

    Hi had a simular problem with my evo ,,it would not finish rebooting only going to the 4g screen and would freeze and restart.. Now having had battery problems before where it went dead and would not turn on had to manual charge the battery with a 7 volt walwart so that took care of that but now this um ..Well i did the hold both volume up and down and powered it on to a white screen with some recover options, notice the letters are very tiny then i proceded to recover using the up and down buttons i highlighted it then i pressed the menu button it went to the recover but since i did not have it connected to the pc it gave me a red triangle,,so i took the battery out put in back in and i got my phone back.. 

  • Jdizzle76

    Anytime I go to youtube or internet, the phone overheats and reboots. I can’t even play angry birds lol

    • Marine223

      YESSSSSS, one of my replacements overheated, I thought it would catch fire. Virgin replaced it

  • Dclark

    My HTC EVO 4 G turns off and then turns back on is there a setting for this that can be switched or what is the deal

  • Djb510

    New update dosnt solve the issue my htc evo keeps rebooting by itself too it to sprint about a month ago and they fixed something inside and hard resetted my phone worked fine for a couple days and then again it reseted by itself wtf sprint this is very annoying since October 2010 i had this same issue nobody knows the problem

  • Nijay Wade

    like…..everytime my phone gets to the 4g animation screen it restarts, goes back to the sprint screen, back to the 4g screen, and then does it all over again. i am a teenager i need my phone fast!!!!!!

  • Adorable_emm

    i recently bought a htc evo from my friend but it still has all his apps and numbers and pictures how do i restard the phone ? 

    • Aesca6446

       go to settings and look for sd card and phone storage and press safely remove sd card and press formate it and it will delete everything in sd contacts press menu and delete them the apps go to the market and uninstall all if u would like to hope this helps

    • Aesca6446

       also try factory reset eerases everything

  • Balraajsnijjar

    Mine will start rebooting whenever I play any game on my phone

  • Derrickw517

    Bye, bye HTC, hello Motorola or Samsung

    • Chris Hernandez

      Nexus has the same issue.

  • Anonymous

    all talk no actions!!!!

    • Anonymous

      that was for the writer…. Chris Moor

  • Auntjenna2754

    Mine reboots after taking pictures. It is getting to be so annoying I am ready to get rid of my phone.

  • Marcy

    Mine shuts down when its being charged. Also when I take a few pictures it turns off

  • Leslie

    today mine kept rebooting and it wouldn’t boot up to home screen. I had to do a factory reset just to make a phone call. My internal memory had about 70MB available. 

  • Lordway

    My Evo 4G was doing the reboot thing for months. When I was eligible to upgrade I did. This time, however, I got an iPhone. HTC evidently made a defective device and they did not stand behind it. I blame HTC more so than Sprint because HTC should have recalled/replaced the device. I like the Android and might have got a Samsung or Motorola instead. Just never get an HTC again

    • Marine223

      EXACTLY! I’ve had FOUR replacements with the same issues!

  • Basim Dream

    The boot looping is because the battery temp reaches a threshold lower than normal. Mine resets at 100 degrees F. My girl’s EVO runs at 110+ all day.

    • Gomer

      My phone has been rebooting for about 5 months now. My wife has the same phone and no problems at all. When we first got our Evos, we noticed the heat they produced when charging. When mine started acting up it I figured it was probably related. Any idea if it the temp of the battery or the phone that makes it reboot? Think I am going to switch batteries with the wife and see what happens.

  • Nyskyhi

    Having the same issue. I get no service in my office and it seems like it resets every day at the same time. 

  • rudy cedano

    my htc evo 4g just keeps rebooting and doesn’t even get to the home screen before it reboots itself again…and again…and again! i left it charging and the battery out for a while but problem still occurs, HELP please=/

  • Marine223

    I’ve had the evo 4G for about 6 months, it has a LOT of software issues, Turns off, Reboots, freezes, will not call out, changes various setting all by itself ! I must remove the battery EVERYDAY it seems like, they just sent me the FOURTH ONE, they are all Refurbished, which means they send other peoples problems! They refuse to upgrade me to the Samsumg Galaxy 11, today they offered me $60 to make the change, HA HA, I paid $250 for this POS, and I’ll have to pay $309 for the Galaxy! The HTC is only 6 months old, so thats a screw job! My sons Optimus V 3g works better! Bottomline is,HTC has admitted they can’t resolve the software issues and Virgin won’t budge, IT’S POLICY!

  • lordway

    HTC should have bent over backwards to replace our phones when this re-boot problem started. Because they didn’t I will never buy another HTC product and encourage everyone else to do the same. If you have a functioning HTC phone consider yourself lucky. I now have the Samsung Galaxy S3 and it is great. Avoid HTC!

  • fieryskys

    Not sure what’s up, but aside from randomly rebooting, it takes an average of 7-8 mins to become fully usable again (despite having fastboot checked) after each reboot.

  • Jessica Long

    Ok, my husband has a Sprint htc Evo 4G andriod phone and the other day his phone had died. After he plugged his phone into the charger, for some random reason it would show (Sprint htc Evo 4G) and then next it would show (4G) like normal but then restart to (Sprint htc Evo 4G) and (4G) and then keep repeating. He works two jobs and him and I r about to have our first child together anyday now so I need some way to get in touch with him when I go into labor. Anyone know why his phone is doing this?