Android Market Surpasses Apple App Store in Free Apps

It’s been a widely shared fact that the Android Market has the highest free to paid ratio of any of the mobile application stores, particularly Apple. In fact, it’s sort of been a rallying cry for lovers of the Android Market, where you can get games like Angry Birds for free while other mobile users have to pay for them. According to research company Ditismo however, it’s no longer about percentages, but whole numbers, as the actual number of free Market apps is now higher than that of the App Store by about 12, 500 apps. That’s quite a few. Not only that, but apparently Ditismo has claimed that the Android Market will overtake the Apple App Store as the premier app provider of the world in about five months. Ditismo also discovered that while Apple has always bragged about the number of tablet developers pushing tablet-optimized apps into the App Store, many of these developers have also been working on apps for other tablet devices, like Android. That said, we know that quite a few of these free apps aren’t of the highest quality and many of these will probably be pared away when Google optimizes the Market in the future. Still, you really can’t complain about free, can you? What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments!

[via intomobile]

About the Author: Mitch Wright

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  • James Woodley

    More more more more more!

  • Mark De Silva

    I’m a mobile industry professional working in the industry for eight(8) years ive seen phones morph from making and recieving calls to multimedia to emails to web browsing on 2G 3G and 4G networks in my experience its never about quantity but quality! Ive used Apple, Android and Blackberry! In my opinion i wont mind paying for a quality app than settling for a free one, alot of these sales i believe are by people with not much experience or knowledge of the technology but simply following the crowd which is never a good idea i personally will stick with my good old dependable blackberry and its limited apps that do the job i.e. works and doesnt bring malware on my handheld!

  • Sameer Maharjan

    Android always rocks…