Latest video calling app: Qik Video Connect brings Cross-platform

Looks like we’ve got a couple stories today where theses developers are trying their hand at the cross-platform communication, between Android and iOS, specifically. First an app from iStartApp. And now Qik has brought to the Android Market, Qik Video Connect. Allowing you to connect  your Android device to your friends iPhone, with live video calling. Also included in this new development are a few other features such as: Video mail, for when you cant talk live (free trial), and live video sharing with many of your preferred social networking sites. You will need and Android device running 2.1 to use this new Qik Video Connect.

Just back in January, Skype announced it was aquiring Qik. So with these two companies combined, I think we can continue to see advancements in the world of mobile communication. What featured would you like to see added to a top rated video chat/calling application?

[via gizmodo]

  • Don Betech

    I put Qik on the iPad2 WiFi and updated Qik on myTouch 4g. It works alright. BUT Tango works better between these gadgets. I haven’t tried conference video chats yet.