SugarSync introduces instant photo back up

SugarSync is above and beyond your basic sync to the cloud applications. Introduced today was their new Android app that is the first to sync your photos to your SugarSync account simultaneously as you take your photos (truth be told there is an AutoSync option, where you can choose intervals, as short at every 15 minutes, via 3G or WiFi).There are absolutely no steps to this process. By doing this you have instant access to all of you files. SygarSync runs in the background, and uses its “AutoSync”. Hit the break for more.

From the SugarSync Blog:

Mobile photo backup will never be the same
Backing up new photos taken couldn’t be any simpler with our new Android app. Just take a picture using your device’s camera. Period. Behind the scenes, SugarSync will detect the new photo, back it up to the cloud, and sync it to your computers in your Mobile Photos folder. No thinking, wires, or emails to yourself. It just works.

And that’s just a portion of what the SugarSync app is capable of. I haven’t had a lot of time to dig deep in to it, but I will be giving the app a whirl, and try out the different features. Stay tuned for a review in the future. And if you’d like to check out the app for yourself, head on over to the Android Market and download it.

  • Scaine

    Or use Titanium Media Sync to do the same thing, but to your Dropbox account. Or any other folder on your phone. Works pretty well.

  • HectorPA

    Yet another way for those intent on doing harm to find you. Come on, people — do you really need to sync everything you do, constantly and instantly? Well, yes if you’re a diehard narcissist but broadcasting your every location and detail can prove disastrous.

  • Maff

    I use “dropin”
    when I’m on wifi it sends any new photos or videos on my SD card to my dropbox (which syncs with my PC)
    If I take a photo while on WiFi it arrives on my PC within a few seconds without me doing anything

  • Ben

    Sugarsync was great before, but with the new Android (and Iphone) app it has gotten even better. I personally have been using Sugarsync for a long time now and am more than happy. Not only are they cheaper than most of its competitors, they also offer by far the best product in the market today.

    Also, if you use the following link to sign up for Sugarsync, you now get 5.5 GB of free online storage forever: