Zeam Launcher 2.9.1 Brings a Fast, Simple, Customizable Launcher

XDA dev cloakt has just released version 2.9.1 of his Zeam launcher to the market. It apparently brought a HUGE speed increase from the previous version, and the launcher is extremely clean, while still retaining plenty of customization options. Like many launchers, it gives you choices as to how many homescreens you have (up to 7) and which one to consider “default,” as well as most of the options we’ve come to expect as “standard” for a launcher. It does, however, include a some unique choices when it comes to adding things to your homescreen…you can add buttons for actions like previewing all your homescreens or expanding the notification window, and when you go to add a widget it will ask you what dimensions you’d like the widget to be — rare offerings in a free launcher.

Overall, this is a fine launcher — having all the options we’d expect in a launcher with a very clean look…and it’s hard to beat the price of “free.” We’re all about choices and customization with the Android platform, and Zeam Launcher is definitely worth checking out. Be sure and let us know in the comments what you think, and to thank cloakt for his hard work.

[via xda]

  • Brian

    Only for Android 2.2 and up. My Samsung Moment is still 2.1. Only 9 days left until I upgrade to something newer that isn’t a semi-functional piece of junk that freezes all the time.

  • alain

    Excellent launcher, but unfortunately, no backup and restore feature :\.

  • Decio

    I’ve been using the previous version for a while now and although I haven’t tried any other I’m extremely satisfied with it.

  • Chris

    I’ve tried all the launchers and without a doubt Zeam is the quickest and most stable. It does everything I need regarding customization. Top notch app. imo.