AndroCabLite brings Commodore 64 gaming back to Android


Still have that Commodore 64 collecting dust in your garage whilst being connected to that old 19 inch black and white CRT? We hear ya, why dust it off when you can get a good old game of Space Taxi going on your Android device? Good thing for us oldtimer gamers that XDA member aposhtol and a friend got together and made AndroCabLite for Android where you get similar style gameplay with a nice interface and updated graphics. Here’s a message from the developer;

me and my friends developed an action game based on Commodore 64 game Space Taxi. Objective of this game is to transport passengers in your cab from one platform to another. A “Lite” free version is available in Android Market. Full version is coming soon. Feel free to comment and rate :)

You can pick up this app from Talk Android Apps here. Give it a go Disco Disco, hail a space taxi.

[via xda-developers]

  • Deanna Mosier

    LOL! I started with a Vic 20 –and when I got my Commodore 64 –I thought I was living high. I remember learning Basic and programming stuff on them! What memories!