Gingerbread rolling out for the Galaxy S in Europe

Word is getting out that some people over in Europe are seeing Gingerbread come to their Galaxy S. Samsung Finland announced that it would be coming out in mid April so this is right on time! The update is available through their PC software tool, Samsung Kies. So head over to their site and get munchin’ on some Gingerbready goodness.

[via androidcentral]

  • jopperi

    Notification toolbar kept force closing when updated from 2.2.1 to 2.3.3 with Kies. Needed to reset to factory defaults.

    Seems much faster than Froyo, though resetting might had contributed to that as well. Default browser seems much faster when browsing full version of pages.

    Integrated facebook sync does not work, keeps whining about login problems so no FB calendar sync or other integrated status feeds. Even get the notification mail about mobile app login so nothing wrong with credentials. Contact sync with official facebook app works but contact photos don’t show up in LauncherPro. Default launcher (TwLauncher) looks exactly the same so nothing new and fancy there. Biggest visual change is the notification area.

  • jopperi

    Enable unknown source apps for FB SNS support

  • Boysie

    Just installed, had an issue installing via Kies. Make sure your phone is set to automatically connect to Kies on USB *before* starting the upgrade. That sorted it for me.
    Lost the facebook link icon in contacts, but seems to have retained the info.
    Notification area has cleaner new icons