Walkabout for Android Available For Download In The Market

Here at Talk Android we just can’t get enough of addicting games for our beloved OS.  The latest addicting game comes to us by way of none other than yours truly, a member out of XDA.  Member kam187, brings this highly animated and vibrant game play for all Android makes and models.  But be aware, one wrong move and you will undo all of the hard earned work you’ve done.  The object of the game is to help Queenie collect all of the stars in a strategic path without moving on a previous tile or the game is over and you’ll have start from the beginning again. Sucks, I know.  So make wise moves.  Ready for the download?  Head on over to our apps database for more info and to hit the download.  There is a paid version and a free version of the game.  So, ads or no ads is the question?  The ad free version is only .59 cents, so we’re sure you’ll be able to make the mortgage payment this month if you decide to purchase it.  Don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.  Hit the break for more pics of the game and to check out the video demo of the app in action.  

[via xda]

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