Google Streaming music service on the horizon, Aquires Pushlife


If you check out the Pushlife site right now, you’ll come across a blank space. The Toronto-based company, Pushlife, Inc. earlier posted that they “are pleased to announce that we’ve been aquired by Google”. The company that was founded in 2008, was purchased for $25 million by Google. Pushlife was an app that would enable your Android phone to play, share, organize, and buy music easily. This information just adds more to what we’ve been seeing and hearing with leaks and rumors of Google streaming service.

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[via engadget]

  • Techmazer

    Another Google’s attempt to take over the world and fight against iPhone. A fight between quantity ( Google ) and creativity ( Apple ).

  • Apple

    Well apple always lose out in battles because they are so strict on there policies around there hardware or software. The PC got so much bigger because apple wouldnt license or let anyone else build systems and it will only happen again – Android and google are not just quantity they are equally if not more creative than apple just they are in a different way not just keep turning out the same thing year in year out and it selling because its a fashion.