Gingerbread 2.3 Due Out In The Next Couple Of Weeks For The Samsung Galaxy S

If you’re an original Galaxy S user and have been humbly asking “where the heck is my Gingerbread 2.3 update?!!!”  Rest assured, thanks to a tweet by Three UK, you should be receiving some Ginger love over the “next couple of weeks”.   What does that mean for you?  If you’re not sure what to expect with Gingerbread, then head on over to the Google thread here for the highlights.

[via threeuk]

  • Mike

    Will this be available for the Galaxy S in the U.S.?

  • Mindaika

    Look at me, totally believing it. Just like I did when they announced 2,2 was “coming soon.”

  • darkdvr

    Please spellcheck your articles. Mistakes like “if your not sure” are plain embarrassing.

  • Joe Sirianni

    darkdvr, thank you for the correction. I’m very thankful for individuals such as yourself who have the time to help edit the site, making it as accurate as possible. This of course is the result of quick and careless editing on my part. Life is just getting too busy I guess. I did just want to point out however, that using the “spell check” feature didn’t work because I did not misspell the word, I just used the wrong form/conjunction. As a bit of some good ole reciprocated corrective criticism, I’ll just point out that you should spell check your comments, as “spellcheck” is two words not one, “spell check”

    Thanks again. I appreciate it.