Mass lawsuit targets Google, RIM, Apple, HTC and 28 others

We’ve seen sweeping patents before, but this may be the first one of this magnitude. According to the patent being defended:

A software platform in an Internet Protocol (IP) phone having the ability to be used with different communication infrastructures such as broadband, wireless communication and Plain Old Telephone System (POTS) service. Further, the software platform in the IP phone has the ability to be used with different applications operating on the IP phone. Further, the IP phone has the ability to perform additional functionality than traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) phones, such as searches and advertising, given its ability to converge voice and data within a single terminal.

The patent just quoted was awarded to a company called HW Technology backin 2009, and now they’re taking on a ton of companies, such as Google, RIM, Apple, HTC, LG, Nokia, and 26 others. Along with taking on the companies themselves, they’re also taking on things like the Android Market and the Apple App Store.

Sounds ridiculous, right? That’s right… because it is. The lawsuit was filed earlier in the week, with its sights set on anything that “allows users to complete a merchant transaction without the need to generate a voice call.”

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[via mobilecrunch]

  • Juha Lindfors

    A broken system.

  • AndroidUK

    Guess that will cover sending a check in the post and buying via mail order …… hand on a minute, in the local deli I pay by cash and don’t make a voice call.

    The US Patents Office should be ashamed of the way they grant patents to just about anything. Don’t get me wrong, innovative inventions and intellectual property of merit should be protected but many of the patent trolls only slow down innovation and frustrate designers, developers and manufacturers. This in turn ends up with additional costs that are borne by the end user. Only the trolls, the lawyers and of course the patents office make money for contributing nothing of any worth.

  • Proffboff

    I have only two questions, just how big is the company which has launched the lawsuit and how do they intend to continue to exist if they dont win the lawsuit.

  • AndroidUK

    I suppose it would also cover ordering goods from a web store using a mobile phone connected via wi-fi …….. it’s just plain stupid that they got a patent.

  • Brandon Briscoe

    What are they hoping to accomplish. Money I am sure. That is what everyone wants of course.

  • Anonyomous

    Shit I wish they sued Verizon there annoying as hell & pissing me off

  • A lawyer

    From a legal perspective, it’s a bulls**t argument that’s too veuge, what about if someone uses their phone as a hotspot and makes transactions online? I tell ya, these peep’s who didn’t buy into the silicone valley startups in the early 2000’s are pissed and looking for someone to take it out on. This lawsuit shows that and I should know since I’m in the EA legal department, we see this kind of shit day in and day out… 99.99% fail in just the first hearings, the .01% that actually get through are usally just settled for MUCH less then a full court lawsuit.

  • Allan Miller

    Let me guess … filed on April 1?