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Sony Ericsson Allowing The Bootloader To Be Unlocked On Xperia Lineup

Looks like Sony Ericsson is going a route that other manufacturers tend to avoid and occasionally flat out deny access to.  The folks over at SE have announced that they will provide users a legal and secure way to gain full access to the bootloader on all up and coming Xperia devices like the Arc, Pro, Play and Neo.  What’s the catch you say?  No catch, the only gimmick is that you need to make sure you purchase a device that is not SIM locked to any one carrier.  However, there is still a slight caveat, in that warranties could still be voided if you tinker with certain aspects of the software on board.  But hey, it’s nice to know you have the handset maker’s blessing, right?  So, let us know if you happen to unlock the bootloader successfully.  Feel free to send us a video too.  Also, feel free to fire away in the comments about how this makes you feel if you’ve had an Xperia device in mind.

[via engadget]