Amazon Appstore Lets You Test Drive Some Android Apps in Virtual Machine on Your Desktop

With last week’s launch of the Amazon Appstore, we heard talk about a feature that seems to still be kind of hit-or-miss. Amazon has given you the capability to “test drive” some of their games in an Android virtual machine right there from your desktop’s browser. While I am not yet sure of the logic (if there is any) to which apps have this capability and which don’t, it’s nice to be able to get a feel for some of these games before you download them. Especially in light of the many paid apps they have at the Appstore, it’s nice to be able to check them out. Of course, you’ll be using your mouse instead of a touchscreen, and at this point the virtual machine doesn’t support keyboard input, but the basic concept is solid.

So far we’ve only seen it working with a few games (Finger Bowling and Paper Toss, for example), but we expect it to roll out to encompass the majority of the library in the near future.

[via amazon]