Sonos Hits a Snag With its Sonos Controller for Android, Delayed ‘Til Mid-April

Sonos is a very popular multi-room music system, pumping music through your entire house. What’s the only thing that can make a multi-room music sytem better? Being able to control it from your phone, of course. Well, we assume that if you’re reading this, you’re probably an Android user, and if you’re an Android user with a Sonos system, you’re waiting for the Sonos Android controller app eagerly, which has been talked about a bit in the past. Well, Sonos has just issued an update to let us know that it has been delated until mid-April, but it is still on the way, so your wait won’t be much longer!! A few more weeks, and you’ll be able to control your entire music system from your phone…and let’s face it: that’s what owning an Android phone is all about. Power, flexibility, and convenience.

“We know you’re anxiously awaiting the Sonos Controller for Android. Unfortunately, testing the app is taking a bit longer than we anticipated. The latest addition to our free controller line-up won’t arrive until April, but when it does, it is going to rock.”

[via Sonos blog]