Samsung Galaxy S preview

Thar she blows! We already knew that the Galaxy S was available for pre-order in the UK and we’ve seen it torn down and fixed back up. Well now we’ve seen our first full hands-on with the device:

So obviously it looks great in pictures, but what did engadget think about it? They loved the screen, which, by the way, will remain exclusively in Samsung devices for 18 months. They thought the phone with its “Hummingbird” processor was incredibly fast and they didn’t anything on the phone that would slow it down, even processing 720p 30fps video shot from its camera.

As for gripes, there weren’t really pleased with the overall “feel” of the phone. Since it is so thin (9mm) the “quality” feel isn’t really there (this is also due to materials used). They didn’t like the chrome surround on the phone and they didn’t like that there wasn’t a dedicated camera button. And thats all the negative things they had to say. Head on over to engadget for more pictures as well as a video

[via engadget]