Outbreak! Zombies, be prepared for the Apocalypse


I believe, whether everyone admits it or not, all are fans of the zombie genre. Be it on the small screen, big screen, or books, video games, etc… If you go to the Android market you’ll find a good few pages of zombie apps, from live wallpapers, photo apps, games, even survival guides, which I dare to say are my favorite. The information you can find is amazing, and definitely helpful in the event you find yourself in the company of those flesh eating, disease spreading SOB’s.

XDA member theblackknight has created this application to help keep yourself checked for infection, and also informed of any nearby zombie threats using GLAST, or GeoLocation Apocalypse Survival Tool. Hit the break to see MY screenshots. Prepare yourself!!

WARNING: Outbreak! Zombies has detected an infection!? Please tell my family I love them, and I won’t be home for dinner. My only craving from now on is……..Braaaaaaaaains!!!

image image image image

Now get more information on this app at the dedicated forum thread for some helpful tid-bits. Good Luck!

[via xda]