Senator asks DOJ and FCC to scrutinize ATT and T-Mobile merger


When a business deal this big goes down, you know that someone with some pull is going to have a problem with it. Reminds me of Ghostbusters when they started getting really big and that goofy loser Walter Peck had a problem with them and made them shut down their containment unit at the main shop….bad things happened to the city of New York!

I’m not suggesting bad things are going to happen, actually, this merger will most likely be a great thing for AT&T and T-Mobile customers, as they’ll likely see a much larger coverage map, but as the way of things, some Senator, Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar, has her nose out of joint over it, much like Chuck Schumer who let Steve Jobs know about the antenna issues with the iPhone…which we know led to ‘Antennagate’. Senator Klobuchar is asking the DOJ and FCC to pay close attention to this type of deal, as it could have massive effects on the mobile markets economically, and I don’t disagree with that…she’s got a point. That said though, this whole process may take anywhere from 12 -18 months to investigate, which means many many dollars will be spent in the process. Who do you think will end up paying for all those expenses in the end…

That’s politics I guess, you make a big fuss over something and people listen…but do they agree is the question. It didn’t work out so well for Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich after going for the Napster jugular.

[via engadget]

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  • Leo

    This is the best ness I’ve heard all day. Any fellow tmo customers out there know whay I’m talking about. AT&T will require is to buy new 4G phones to work on the combined networks which will either force us to buy the phones out right or force customers into another 2yr contract with an exorbitant eft. Last I checked if I called tmo tech support & told them I had an unlocked AT&T phone they would be willing to help me put the phone on the tmo network. AT&T customers already know their network sucks. Why else would Apple go to Verizon?