Best of XDA Screenshots (3/18/11)


Here comes the weekly Friday post for the best screenshots over at XDA! All screenshots are taken from this thread and anyone who posts a screenshot in the thread has the possibility to appear here every Friday. It is a great community thread where anyone can learn to trick out their screens.

The winner this week has got to be Zebwen for his beautifully themed six screen display. Congratulations to Zebwen and all that got selected!

  • Gary Caton

    WoW ! Never knew there was such a thing . But appreciate being listed with the rest .
    Zebwen’s is amazing !

  • robert Barrett

    Those are beautiful. The store one looks real.

  • neptunex3


    Nice to see my screenshot here….Everything looks cool…



  • Allen

    These are so cool! How do people get their screens to look like that???

  • Glen Young

    Alansou how did you get that screen set-up? what apps are used?

    I also like the variety of lock screens, how do I get access to these?

  • Zebwen

    Oh, I found this completely by accident on Twitter! Thanks for the mention guys!


  • Andrew Greenfield

    Glen Young:
    Use the link to go to the thread. Most of these people already have their description posted, and if not are more than happy to help you set it up like theirs :)

    No problem. My only regret is that I couldn’t find a feasible way to put ALL of your screens on here! Either way, well done!

  • Zebwen

    Well, if you head over here:

    I’ve made a post that explains how to set it all up, and provides all of the source images I created to achieve this setup :)