AT&T keeping the Aria on a short leash

Looks like AT&T is at it again with their lockdown of sideloading apps. They pulled it on the Motorola Backflip, and now they’ve got the HTC Aria in the same stranglehold.

For those who don’t know, sideloading is the ability to install apps from third parties that are not available or have not been downloaded via the Android Market. It’s a huge feature for developers, because it allows them to actually test their apps on the device before handing it to the market for the general public to consume. Taking this feature out of a device keeps a developer from testing their apps on said device, and once the app is released on the market, there may be huge negative feedback from owners of the device if there are issues with the specific hardware. This can majorly afftect developers and give them a bad name in the market, and even ultimately soil them as a good developer.

It seems that AT&T simply does not understand the fundamentals of the Android platform. One of its biggest perks is that it is open source. However, AT&T continues to hold down developers and consumers alike by locking down their systems. Side loading apps is a crucial function for an open system, and AT&T just does not get the point. Get with it, guys! Taking this feature out puts a huge hole into the proverbial head of the platform.

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  • Sined

    As far as I know the developer way of testing out apps (push via ADB) is a known workaround to the lockdown.

    So it doens’t necessarily hurt devs but it sucks for the public.

    AT&T got it wrong from the start by taking the Legend, stripping it of its best feature (Unibody aluminum body) and releasing it as the Aria.