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HeLauncher All in one Launcher UI – one launcher to rule them all


Many have had the opportunity to use more than one Android device, and if you have, you’ve also noticed how different some of the Home screens and launchers can be between manufacturers.  Different UIs like HTC Sense UI to Motoblur, sure enough, they put they’re own flavor into every Android bite of dessert you want to try out.  If you haven’t had the chance to try out other UIs on different devices, don’t worry, we have a solution for you from XDA member HandlerExploit which brings the best of any Android launcher and puts it all into one little package called HeLauncher.

HeLauncher is the culmination of several launcher UIs, and brings them into one easy launcher that allows you to switch between the launcher that best suits your workflow any time you like without having to install several different ports that eat up your resources, making your Android very slow and unresponsive. Below explains it best from the developer;

HeLauncher is a free home replacement for Android. The home application is the center piece to the users entire Android experience. Device manufacturers like to modify the home application to give the user a different feel for their device, to make their specific device stand out against the crowd.

What makes this home replacement different is that all docks included in this app, have been ripped from home applications from the main manufacturers and blended into one home application.

So if you want to check it out, hit the application thread here, and please let them or us know in the comments on how it works on your device, good or bad.

[via xda-developers]