Pre-order your Wi-Fi Motorola XOOM at Costco for $589 with a free case

For those of you that are members of Costco, you can order the Motorola XOOM for $589. That is $10 cheaper then anywhere else plus a free gel case is included.  The downside is shipping will not begin until April 1.

The XOOM is expected to be available at Best Buy, Radio Shack, Staples, Walmart, and Amazon on March 27 for $10 more ($599). It is also rumored that select Sam’s Clubs will also carry the XOOM for $539. If that price holds up it will be an amazing deal. I personally will be surprised if Sam’s Club goes that low but we will let you know when more information is available. Hit the source link for more information or to place your order.

[via costco]

  • motorola droid

    Cant wait to get my hands on the Xoom. Don’t really see the need to pre-order unless it will arrive on the 27th. There are so many different retailers that will be selling them its not likely that they will all sell out on the first day. I will be at the doorstep of one of these retailers, not waiting for the mailman.