Samsung Health gets updated to 6.0, bringing a UI overhaul and more personalization

Samsung has dropped a conveniently timed update to their Health app, bringing Samsung Health officially to version 6.0. This update adds quite a few new features and a redesigned interface, which should hopefully get you up and moving and healthier than ever

The new interface is drastically simplified, showing you your important information in a quick way that’s much more categorized before. Older versions of S Health were pretty messy, so this is a big step in the right direction for Samsung. 

There’s also a new “Together” tab that allows you to share photos and fitness milestones with your friends that are using the Samsung Health app, and there’s a massive community of Samsung users for you to compete and interact with.

The “Discover” tab has been updated to show relevant fitness information, including articles and other apps that tie into S Health, and it’s all tailored to your fitness levels and interests. You can also make purchases for health gadgets and accessories from within S Health, too.

But with a brand new Galaxy Watch in the world, you wouldn’t expect phones to be the only focus, would you? Samsung has also updated the wearable version of the app, adding in more automatic workout detection and sleep tracking. The watches will also monitor your heart rate and heart rate variability to tell you how stressed you are throughout the day.

Samsung Health has always been a pretty popular and robust option, often winning people over from Google’s own fitness platform. So if you haven’t used it before, now’s as good of a time as any to start.

source: Samsung

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