Samsung Galaxy S10+ hardware rumors hint at major camera upgrades and Exynos processor

Samsung had a huge hit a little over a year ago when they released the Galaxy S8 devices effectively launching smartphones to a new level in terms of minimal bezels. It turns out that success may have harmed Samsung a bit as it has been difficult for Samsung to top the Galaxy S8 with this year’s Galaxy S9. So it should be no surprise that Samsung is looking at some extreme upgrades for next year’s line of Galaxy S10 devices outside of updating hardware to the existing state of the art. Probably because components are starting to line up in production queues, several new rumors have surfaced regarding changes Samsung has in mind that suggest some significant changes to the camera setups and use of Samsung’s latest Exynos chip.

To really kick things up a notch, sources say Samsung is preparing to pack in a whopping five cameras in the top of the line model, the Galaxy S10+. This will include three rear-facing cameras and two front-facing cameras. For the rear-facing cameras, Samsung appears to be planning to continue to use the current pair of 12MP sensors, but they will add an ultra wide angle lens into the mix. That unit is believed to have a 120 degree angle of view versus the current 77 degrees found in the Galaxy S9. For the front facing cameras, there is no information the specific sensors although Samsung’s only phone to have dual front-facing cameras, the Galaxy A8, comes equipped with 16MP and an 8MP sensors.

To try to differentiate the different Galaxy S10 variants, which may include three versions, sources believe the middle Galaxy S10 will also get the three-sensor rear-facing camera, but the front-facing camera will have a single sensor. The low end unit will have a dual-camera setup for the rear and single lens for the front, similar to much of what is on the market now.

Along with the changes to the cameras, Samsung appears to be ready to use their new Exynos 9820 processor, at least for the international versions of the Galaxy S10+. The Exynos 9820 uses a 2+2+4 DynamIQ architecture comprised of 2 big cores, 2 medium cores, and 4 small cores. The chip is also notable as it will be the first processor to come off of Samsung’s new 7nm manufacturing line. If Samsung stays true to form, the U.S. version of the Galaxy S10+ should get the Snapdragon 855, which would be Qualcomm’s entry into the 7nm processor market.

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via: XDA

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