Security Guy Uses Android Phone to Get +15 to Lockpicking, Can Open Any IP-Based CardKey Lock With Caribou

My mind is blown. Ian Robertson is a security researcher who built an Android app that will unlock pretty much any card-key based security system, provided you can get the IP address of the controller and it is reachable via the internet…which, let’s face it, is most of them. Note, this is merely proof of concept…this is NOT an app you can download, you deviant! (I already tried.)

By just supplying the IP address, a touch of one button will unlock all doors in the system for 30 seconds, at which point they’ll re-lock. Fellow researcher Michael Gough discovered the vulnerability, and Ian built the app to exploit it, hoping to improve security systems in general. Check out the video below.

[via CyberSecurityGuy]

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    i want it

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  • Zack

    Amazing, I can’t imagine what will happen if this app is available for download.