ZTE Iceberg concept: When one notch just isn’t enough

Ever since the Essential Phone came out last year with a notch, it seems that almost every other Android manufacturer has jumped on the bandwagon in 2018. The notch is a controversial feature that tends to polarize opinion in the smartphone world, but what would you do if a phone had two notches? Well, ZTE has evidently thought that one notch is not enough, because the smartphone maker has revealed a concept called “Iceberg” that has a notch both on the top and the bottom of the display. 

But wait, there’s more to behold because the concept also sports transparent corners that are the culmination of two glass parts that form a “unibody” covering the front and rear of the device. The top-notch has the front camera, earpiece, distance and brightness sensors while the second speaker sits in the lower notch. On the rear panel, there is a fingerprint reader, a dual camera setup, with wireless charging also present. There is also a set of contacts could be used to attach a module or perhaps a magnetic power supply.

You’ve got to hand it to ZTE; the company is trying to push the boundaries regarding design in recent times, you only have to look at the dual-display Axon M for evidence. Is it the way to go, though? In a world where some are struggling to see the need for a single notch, an additional notch is undoubtedly going to divide opinions even more.

The render was published on the website of the IF World Design Guide, and according to the info in the page, ZTE could launch the “Iceberg” phone after 2018 in Asia, Europe, and North America.

What do you think of the dual notched ZTE “Iceberg”?

Source: IF World Design Guide
Via: WinFuture.de 

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  • pda96

    So… A company, blacklisted by the US gov’t, adopting a (mostly) undesirable feature (i.e. the notch)…..how is this going to help them with their US sales???