Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1inch hands on video


We first got word of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 inch tablet at MWC 2011, with a good look as well. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 had a fair amount of time to walk about France apparently, and got an 11 minute video shot of it in the process, along with a few nice HD shots of it in action, as well as some shots from the 8megapixel camera on the back too. Watch the video below, and hit the source link for some huge pics of the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

[via AndroidHD]

  • Pesh

    What game is he playing at 4:33? I want that game, it looks sweet! If anyone knows what game that is please shoot me an email with the name

  • lex

    hey. i run n1 daily andi also work on a mac (plus i used to own iphone 3g) so i kinda know both worlds. although i do like android i have to say, with the recent ipad 2 release, this thing does not stand a chance. even if the software is really good, the sheer size of this thing compared to the ipad will not fare well.

    its too big, too heavy. its kinda like 1 step behind ipad 1.

  • John Jele

    Hi, any clues on the 2 player game in 8.39 – thanks in advance

  • web shopping cart

    samsung tablet10.1 is really good at its features like it has a 10.1 wide screen,for better internet surfing,games for videos.and its android there huge market to download large applications.

  • web shopping cart

    Tablets are doing good in the market were all companies are releasing there own technol0gies it i want a tab i will go for galaxy 10.1

  • Spectanet

    its a great mobile 

  • Technofist

    great experience with this tablet its really rocking