LG confirms smartphone AI for MWC, but only for the new 2018 V30

LG has announced its plan for MWC this year, and if CES wasn’t a big enough clue for you, it’s going to be totally centered around smartphone AI. With smart assistants in vogue right now, every major OEM is building out artificial intelligence solutions for daily problems and tasks, and LG couldn’t pass up that opportunity.

The good news, though, is that some of LG’s new stuff will integrate right into Google Assistant, so you can control everything with “OK Google” instead of “Hello Richard” or whatever name LG would’ve cooked up for their digital helper. You’ll be able to use a few more camera commands that are heavily focused on LG’s new image recognition on their newer smartphones.

The new image recognition tech, called Vision AI, will allow your phone to quickly analyze your surroundings and the subject of your photo and set a proper shooting mode. Whether you’re taking a picture of your pets, your dinner, or a scene during a sunset, the phone will intelligently set you up for an excellent shot.

The camera will also be able to automatically scan QR codes, do an image search, or give you shopping options for whatever you’re pointing at, fairly similar to Bixby.

So what phones will this AI stuff work on, anyway? According to LG, you’ll first see it in the V30, but not that V30. Nope, LG has quietly announced a 2018 V30 to debut the AI assistant, which means we’re going to see last year’s flagship again this year with improved specs. What kind of improved specs? Aside from AI, we have no idea, but we’re still sort of excited to find out.

source: LG

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