Nike rolls out a rewards program for NikePlus members

Nike is rolling out some a new rewards program for NikePlus members to encourage and reward consistent exercise. Called NikePlus Unlocks, you’ll be able to score a ton of free stuff that’s even personalized just for you.

The concept is pretty simple: work out and exercise often and consistently, and Nike will kick some rewards your way. This can include actual physical rewards from Nike, but you can also get free Apple Music, trials to Headspace Pro for guided meditation, and credits for ClassPass to try new workouts. There are also some discounts for services thrown in the mix.

You’ll get extra gifts when you make purchases through Nike, completing the entire lineup of Nike services and products with these NikePlus Unlocks. If you’re already invested in Nike’s ecosystem, this is a great way to get some free stuff while reinforcing your exercise habits. And if you’re trying to decide on a fitness platform, well, this makes Nike much more appealing.

source: Nike