Razer’s Project Linda is an insane laptop/Razer phone hybrid

Between Google’s rumored new hybrid OS and accessories like Samsung’s DeX, we’re starting to see more manufacturers try to tackle Android as a desktop platform. So far nothing has been particularly great, but Razer’s Project Linda is pretty exciting nonetheless.

Unveiled at CES, Project Linda is a 13-inch laptop that relies on a Razer Phone for power. It’s useless on its own, but you can plop your Razer smartphone right below the keyboard and access your device on a larger screen with a full keyboard and mouse support, albeit still running Android. The phone can act as a second screen to your content or as a trackpad.

Inside the laptop you’ll get a separate battery to charge and power everything, plus a 200GB hard drive for offline backups. The laptop itself has microphones, a webcam, and a USB port, so it’s actually a legitimate laptop that’s fully compatible with Android.

This is a really weird concept, but it’s also really cool. I doubt it’ll take off as much more than an expensive proof of concept device, but it finally gives purpose to a phone packing 8GB of RAM and overkill hardware. Android with a mouse and keyboard is probably the biggest obstacle for Razer here, since not all apps will necessarily be optimized for that kind of input method. Still, it’ll be exciting to see where this goes.

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source: Razer

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  • Traian

    What do you mean “weird”? It’s the same idea as Asus had a while ago. The only difference is the placement of the phone and the fact that you can use it as a trackpad.