Moto Z Market app launches, allows you to check out and buy Moto Mods right on your phone

Moto Mods are the biggest selling point on the Moto Z line of phones, so it only makes sense for Lenovo to try to put those front and center to as many potential customers as possible. To help that, they’ve launched the Moto Z Market on the Play Store which creates a quick and easy shopping experience for all of those customizable mods.

The app will allow you to read up and discover all of the Moto Mods that are available for your phone, plus place an order directly in the app once you find something you like. It’s not exactly revolutionary, but it is nice to be able to see everything available in one place instead of jumping back and forth between Best Buy, Amazon, etc.

The app’s available now for compatible devices, but according to the Play Store reviews you can’t place an order if you live in Canada despite those users starting to see the app bundled in with other updates. Sorry, Canadian friends.

Get it now: Play Store Download Link