BlackBerry nixes security support for the PRIV after two years

Android fans or not, there’s no doubt that updates and Google’s OS haven’t had the best history. Now BlackBerry is announcing that they’ll be ending support for their first Android-powered smartphone, and that can be either good or bad news depending on how you look at it.

When the device was announced two years ago, BlackBerry promised security updates for 24 months for the PRIV. And, in their defense, they’ve absolutely held up their end of the bargain by constantly updating a device that was already pretty secure to begin with.

But now that timeframe is at an end, and BlackBerry won’t be extending support for the device. They will be honoring warranty claims, but you shouldn’t expect any more updates to hit the device going forward, barring any critical security flaws that pop up in the future. So, is this good or bad?

Well, two years of updates for Android phone is technically well above the average when you consider how many cheaper budget and prepaid phones never see any updates whatsoever, but BlackBerry positioned the PRIV as a premium, flagship experience, and they charged good money for it. Is 24 months of support long enough for a $700 phone?

Currently, Google offers more than 24 months of security updates for their own devices, and you can occasionally find a flagship from Samsung or another high-profile OEM that manages to hang on past its prime. Apple supports its devices for years, which is something that pretty much no Android hardware maker can get close to. Android has to deal with drivers and the likes of Qualcomm, which is something that Apple avoids by keeping things in-house as much as possible, so it’s not a perfect comparison.

If you’ve got a strong opinion one way or the other, we’d love to hear it in the comments!

source: BlackBerry

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