[Sponsored] Save on this selfie drone from Tomtop with a coupon code!

Tomtop offers tons of different products, but if you’re into gadgets like we are, you’ll probably be interested in this quadcopter drone. It’s stacked with tech, including an HD video camera and some extra batteries for extended flight time.

It offers some intelligent features, too, like the ability to hover at a certain altitude, a wide angle 720p camera, and the option to transmit the camera feed directly to your phone while flying it around. It’s capable of performing tricks, and can safely return its landing spot with a single button push.

If you’re interested, you can check out the drone at Tomtop’s website. It’s already on sale, but right now you can use the coupon code CYJRC to discount it even further until the end of the year. Happy flying!

Buy it now: Tomtop

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