[TA Deals] Develop your own games with the 2017 Zero to Hero Game Developer bundle

Mobile game development can be tough to break into without any help, but luckily, you can score the 2017 Zero to Hero Game Developer bundle at a big discount right now.

This bundle includes 9 courses with 413 lessons and over 80 hours of content. It covers a ton of different skills, including developing in Unity and Unreal, making voxel and low-poly assets, and even has some content on developing small games using Apple’s Swift programming language.

Even if you’re not explicitly going to be making games, understanding how to create graphics and learning some of the programming languages behind everything will be useful for many different types of apps.

Buying this bundle of content would normally cost close to $1500 for everything, but you can knock 96% off of that and get a lifetime access to all of it for just $49.

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