Google introduces their own Advanced Protection Program to monitor your Google account

Google has announced their own Advanced Protection Program, which looks much more like a security monitoring service than a traditional Google product. In the wake of so many credit card breaches and network vulnerabilities, though, this makes a ton of sense. 

It’s a serious security service, too. You’ll need device keys for both your mobile devices and PC, which means you’ll need to invest in a security key from somewhere like Amazon to take advantage of this program. The good news is that means you’ll have some of the best 2FA available.

APP also automatically prevents third party services from gaining full access to your Gmail and Drive and only allowing it for very specific (read: Google) apps, but Google expects to add more trusted applications to that whitelist in the future.

And lastly, APP will place additional barriers on the account recovery process, which will make it much more difficult for anyone trying to impersonate you to try and steal access to your account. It’ll be a headache if you do legitimately forget a password, but it’s more peace of mind.

The service is free, except for the cost of buying security keys, but if you’re interested you can get started at Google’s site for the program. Keep in mind that this will definitely break some third-party services like other browsers and Apple’s cloud synced stuff, so think about it before you jump in.

source: Google

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