Google integrates YouTube TV with Google Home devices

Google has already woven a tight relationship between Chromecast and Google Home, making it incredibly easy to cast your favorite shows and videos up onto your television with just your voice. Of course it worked with regular YouTube, but it also tied in services like Netflix. And today, they’re expanding that even further by adding YouTube TV into the mix.

If you subscribe to YouTube TV and have all of your other devices set up, you can ask Google to play particular shows, play the sports game you’ve been waiting to watch, or tell it to watch the latest episode of whatever you’re looking for. Google Home will talk to the Chromecast for you and set everything up. You can even control video playback with voice commands to pause, fast forward, and rewind your content.

For a limited time, Google will help you get started by giving away a free Chromecast to new subscribers to YouTube TV. It’s only $35 per month, so it’s basically like buying a Chromecast and getting a ton of content to watch on it for one month.

source: Google

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