T-Mobile and Sprint want to merge without selling their assets

Rumors of T-Mobile and Sprint merging have been circulating seemingly forever, but a new report from Reuters claims that a deal between the two could happen before the end of October. It might not go smoothly, however, as the third and fourth largest US carriers don’t wan’t to sell their assets. This would allow T-Mobile and Sprint to maintain their current spectrum and then promote it as a major benefit for consumers and quicker path toward 5G networks. Regulators might flinch at the prospect.

The current deal is likely to get some pushback from US Justice Department regulators for antitrust and telecommunications. It’s expected that they will push the two carriers to sell some spectrum as the combined entity would have the most airwaves in its sector with over 300 MHz, which is more than Verizon and AT&T. A review process can’t begin until both T-Mobile and Sprint officially announce their plans, so final details are still unknown.

Craig Moffett, a research analyst for MoffettNathanson, commented on the potential for regulator pushback. “It is better for Sprint and T-Mobile to listen and learn the concerns of regulators first, and see whether there is anything that can be done to address those concerns.”

We should know what the two carriers have in mind by early November.

Source: Android Central

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  • Richard Dennis

    Pushback will be Sponsored by Verizon and At&t i am sure.. They sure don’t want anyone of size fiercely competing with them.

  • swtrainer

    It’s funny! The antitrust people are are going to have problems with them because they can actually provide competition. That just sounds a little backwards to me.