“Hey Google” hotword is coming to Google Assistant, eventually

Google’s Pixel 2 is bringing many new changes with it, including a different placement for the search bar on the home screen and some nifty camera features. Some changes to Google Assistant are apparently coming, too.

Currently, to start up Google Assistant hands-free, you have to say “Okay, Google.” There’s nothing wrong with that, but there have plenty of complaints that the phrase doesn’t quite roll off the tongue like “Hey, Siri” or “Hey, Alexa.”

That might be about to change. Some code from early software from the Pixel 2 indicates that Google is switching to a “Hey Google” hotword, making calling up Google Assistant much more conversational. You can still say “Okay, Google” if you want, but this gives you the option to bring up your AI assistant just like you would on a Google Home device.

It’s hard to tell exactly when this feature will roll out, whether it’s something that the Pixel 2 will launch with or if it’ll come in a later software update. It doesn’t seem like a major change, so it could even be something that Google could implement in an app update for all compatible Android phones, not just the Pixel.

source: XDA Developers

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