You can now order the Essential Phone in Pure White

Essential has had a rough launch, to say the least. The Essential Phone was intended to launch much earlier than it did, and there were four color variants shown off at its announcement. So far we’ve only been able to get the phone in black, but as of today, you can order the device in Pure White.

There’s nothing different about the phone, except the back ceramic is white instead of black. You’ll still get a black face, and everything else is identical.

This might be good news for the Stellar Gray and Ocean Depths colors that Essential announced but hasn’t released yet, although we’ve heard some pretty iffy things about the company’s ability to actually manufacturer those colors.

You can order the Pure White edition through Essential’s website, but Amazon still has a shipping date that’s months out, Best Buy doesn’t have stock yet, and Sprint hasn’t updated their site to show the new color option at all. The same thing happened during the regular launch, so give it a few days to settle in.

source: Essential (Facebook)
via: Android Police