Razer will announce their first smartphone on November 1st

After scooping up Nextbit, everyone’s been eagerly waiting for Razer to step into the smartphone market. Everyone pretty much knew it was coming, but no one knew when or how it was going to happen.

Well, now we know when, at the very least. Razer has set the date for a November 1st livestream to show off its first-ever smartphone. The tagline is “watch, listen, play” so we can definitely expect some focus on gaming, but it’s Razer, so that shouldn’t be a surprise at all.

Almost nothing has leaked about the phone yet, but we’re just a few weeks away from the big unveiling. That probably means that we’ll see an announcement with a launch date much further away, but sometimes this stuff can be hard to predict.

Anyone want to take guesses on features? I’m hoping for a mechanical keyboard and some nice RGB lighting, personally.

source: Razer
via: Tech Radar