Snapchat announces Context Cards, adding contextual information to Snaps

Snapchat has just added a useful new feature that butts heads with Google Assistant and other AI helpers on your phone. I never would’ve expected Snapchat to try and tackle that kind of market, but today we’re getting Context Cards in our Snaps.

Context Cards display information about whatever Snap you’re viewing using information from Snapchat’s partners, like TripAdvisor and FourSquare. If someone sends you a Snap of a really interesting restaurant, you just swipe up to see information about that location. It also ties in with services like Uber and OpenTable, so you can go ahead and book a ride and reserve a table.

Many contextual actions and assistants like this are frustrating to use, but Snapchat actually seems to have integrated it in a natural, intuitive way. They work in your regular Snaps and Snapchat Stories, and they’re aiming to bring on more partners to beef it up as it gets more popular.

You can see it in action below.