Huawei teases a bezel-less phone at an event in December

Huawei has sent out invitations for an upcoming event in December this year, and it looks like they’re teasing a phone (phones?) with incredibly small bezels. There’s a ton of speculation about what this will actually be, but pretty much no solid evidence or leaks otherwise.

The images on the invite definitely show phones with bezel-less designs, which goes along with the tagline “Max your view.” Huawei’s old Max line would make sense if they were planning on bringing that back, but that’s purely guesswork here.

The bottom left of the phone also shows a funky hashtag that looks like #1001, which could be I/O 10, one thousand and one, or some other combination of words and letters. It could also be hinting at this device picking up the 10 moniker and skipping whatever other numbers are in between like Apple and Microsoft like to do.

However you want to look at it, it’ll be a shiny new phone for us to gawk over at the end of the year. The event’s slated for December 5th in London, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated as we learn more.