Gizmo5 VoIP Service Going Offline On April 3rd

The popular VoIP service, Gizmo5, has announced via email to its members that it will be ending their services as of April 3rd, causing users everywhere to look for an alternative VoIP service (click pic above to read the email).  Gizmo5 was aquired by Google back in 2009 and offered cheap Internet calling with Google Voice.  An email (submitted by Reddit user Bizurke) pointed to Google’s Gmail calling service as a sufficient replacement, if anyone was interested.  What do you think?  Head on over to our apps database and feel free to search out what’s available on the Android Market for VoIP services.  It’s an endless list, so you might be there a while.  Let us know what you think about the whole ordeal in the comments below.  Could this mean Google is looking to introduce true VoIP via Google Voice?

Some alternatives who might be ready to serve you include:

  • Sipgate
  • pbxes
  • VoIPUser
  • AnVoice

[via reddit]

  • James Anthony

    Who cares about Gizmo5? They already closed the registration when Google bought them 2 years ago. Plus Gizmo5 is irrelevant now that you can call directly from your Gmail account. I have Gizmo5 for 4 years now but hardly use it plus I also have my Onesuite VoIP service which I use for all international calls.

    Google is making the right decision by killing Gizmo5 because its redundant already.

  • MD

    Gizmo5 with Google Voice was the perfect replacement for the POTS line and I have been using this system for several years.

    Now I have to look at the alternative to replace the service :(.