T-Mobile’s latest Un-carrier Next event going down on September 6

Invites just went out for an online-only Un-carrier Next event on September 6 hosted by T-Mobile.

Aside from letting everyone know it’ll be announcing something next week, the carrier posted a teaser video featuring CEO John Legere. The video shows Legere preparing for the Un-carrier Next, going over a script in his green room and putting on a branded leather jacket while walking onto the set. He even says “Hell yeah” in response to a production crew member asking whether or not he’s ready for the announcement.

T-Mobile’s most recent Un-carrier Next event was for the introduction of the One plan, which brought  unlimited data to customers with taxes and fees included in a single price. There’s no indication from the teaser video, Legere’s Twitter account, or anything else on what we should expect from the carrier.

The live-stream will begin at 11:00AM ET on Wednesday, September 6.

Source: T-Mobile