Google Maps Gets Updated To 5.2.0, Available For Download In The Market

Google Maps recently received an update adding multiple new social features for the popular mobile mapping service.  The update included some minor performance enhancements along with the ability to post ratings for places directly to your personal Twitter account.  In addition you will be able to “ping” friends to request check-ins.  Per the Google Mobile Blog, both parties utilizing the mapping service must be on version 5.2 to benefit from this.  Let us know what you think of the new functionality in the comments below.  Head on over to our apps database for the download.

[via googlemobileblog]

  • Dain Binder

    Is anyone else having issues with it force closing? Every time I try to get to a location page it closes (using Motorola Charm with 2.1). Thanks!

  • kangyusuf

    Thanks for this great apps info.
    May you can tell me, what countries that can be run this Google maps?

  • Bill Raab

    I as Dain have issues with it force closing. The app crash is consistent and repeatable.

  • Abe

    With the last two maps updates mileage is km instead of miles, everything else is great!