“Significant” New Tablet Headed To CTIA?

A “significant” new tablet will be announced at the CTIA wireless trade show…” said CTIA Vice President Rob Mesirow.  The Vice President further reiterates his statement saying:
“Tablets are just an extension. We’ll start seeing a lot of extension devices. It’s probably no accident that most of the new phones coming out will be able to tether 5-7 products to that phone,”.  We’re going to see a ton of tablets at this show.”

According to Mesirow, Windows Phone 7 tablets should also make an appearance at CTIA this year.
We’re going to see a lot more out of Windows Phone 7 at this show, but it’ll be moving into the fall show in a much bigger way.

However, when asked what platform he thought would dominate the show, he stated:
“Android, Android, Android”

Nuff said.  Looks like, just as it was at CES, Android will be another show stopper at CTIA.  And as the new tablet devices are unveiled, you better believe that Talk Android will be reporting it back to you first hand, so don’t forget to tune back in, especially during CTIA (March 22-24).  See you then folks.  Your comments and thoughts as to what you would like to see at CTIA this year are welcomed below.

[via pcmag by bgr]